Chang and Lumsden comparison

It's very hard to get a true read of where Chang is on the developmental curve. His playbook is severely limited by the time Taafe send him in. To make up two TDs or more late in a game means he has to pass. He doesn't have a chance to mix in many runs or play for field position. Maybe he does have a good feel for the game but coming into losing situations so late in the game makes it impossible to know.

At this point, we know that Maas is limited; maybe someday he'll bounce back to what he was in Edmonmton but at the moment, he's limited. However, we don't know much about Chang and that's why I'd like to see him start a couple of games. It's not like Maas can't come in to relieve him if he's really bombing out there. At 0-4 it's not like there's a whole lot to lose is there?

An Argo-Cat fan

Re -(Chang playing at a much higher level of course,) ?? of course What,. The system that produced Lumsden, Has to be better than the one that produced Chang, because LUMSDEN IS a better football player than Chang!

He has to put in his time like everyone else.

Thats just silly pikk. Nobody should have to wait simply because its not his turn. He's not ready is a valid argument even if I don't agree with it but he sits because its not his turn is just flat out silly. Lots of rookies in other positions jump in right away. By your logic that doesn't happen