Chang and Lumsden comparison

Isn't Chang pretty much in the same boat as Lumsden? They both come out of University ball (Chang playing at a much higher level of course,) go to NFL camps and don't quite make it. Come to CFL. Lumsden tears up the league, Chang sits on the bench not even getting an opportunity to play.
I guess it's good for his confidence to sit on the bench and watch his team lose every game. I guess it teaches him that he's not even good enough to start for the last place team. That's always a good morale booster for a young kid beaming with confidence.
Maybe we should sit Lumsden to give him more confidence. Wouldn't want to hurt his confidence in basically his first year as a Ticat.LOL

Not even I'm going there.

excuse me but what league is jesse tearing up?

74 yrds a game is hardly "tearing up the league."

And before last night he was avg 50 yds /game..

And no , there's no comparing the two.

He had a lot more than 74 yards last night!!!! Jesse is the real deal. BTW 74 yards per game in 2 down football is WAAAAAAAAAY above average

Isn't Chang pretty much in the same boat as Lumsden?
Yup. They're on the same TEAM. If you have ever played on - or coached - a team then (upon reflection) you realize that each position, personality, and situation differs and that they all have to be subordinated to the good of the team.

He'll get his chance. It's hard to wait but I'm quite hopeful that Chang is grown up enough to wait for his turn and that he's planning to shine when it comes.

this is jesses third year in hamilton and is in his 1st full season. jesse more or less sat on the bench in his ist 2 years coming in after the nfl let him go and came in different situations so jesse and timmy are not in the same boat

Check out the stats on Jesse is 3rd in league rushing behind BC’s Smith & Winnipeg’s Roberts. About 40 yards behind the league’s leading rusher on 30 fewer attempts (Robert’s 67 vs. Lumsden’s 37). This speaks to the big play type of guy we’re getting out of Lumsden.

I really don't think you can compare these guys. Two different postions, one is a rookie, the other has played in the CFL for a few years, and played Canadian football for a number of years in Universtity.

To give a rookie QB the starting position after he has only seen CFL football for a couple of weeks is just not wise. He has to lead the team and run the entire offense. Jesse just gets the call and then carries out the play. Not necessarily easy, but he doesn't have as much responsibility as the QB.

Wait for it, Chang will get his turn, and if Jason is unable to fully establish himself as the number 1 guy, Chang will continue to get some reps to get some more experience in a league he is unfamiliar with.


good point regarding much fewer carries for Lumsden, yet still in hunt for rushing lead...when will the coaching realize that a workhorse back needs to get at least 20 touches per contest to be used properly????

One thing for sure is that Jesse is getting game experience while Chang gets to hold a clipboard. If this continues, think ahead to next year. Lumsden will be a veteran back, with a year of pro ball under his belt. Chang will still be a 'rookie' and not much further ahead than the day he signed with Hamilton.

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how come sitting on the bench for a few years didnt hurt MATT DUNIGAN, TRACY HAM, DAMON ALLEN, DANNY MCMANUS, DAVE DICKERSON(SP), JEFF GARCIA ETC chang will be fine if he has the talent everybody here thinks he has

I'm a big supporter of Timmy Chang and I would love to see him get his chance. Having said that it looks like Coach Taffe was right when he said that "Timmy just isn't ready. He's all over the place out there", following the Montreal game. He looks like he has the tools and whenever he does play he has a brilliant series, but he does not sustain it and he forces alot of passes under pressure. Rookie mistakes I'm sure. I does he get over those rookie mistakes without getting playing time? I don't know, I'm not a coach. However, I'm not really confident that Chang can light it up like he did in the preseason contest in Winnipeg against a starting CFL defense, just yet. I think that Taffe is right to give him real game time to develop him. He may surprise everyone and emerge as a starter by season's end. I hope so. Either way, I think he is destined to be a starter. Give it time.

lumsden overall game has improved since his 1st season that includes blocking, reads etc.he wasn't thrown into the fire right away.
chang will have his day real soon. just not yet

I like Mark's quote about Timmy Chang above

He'll get his chance. It's hard to wait but I'm quite hopeful that

Chang is grown up enough
to wait for his turn
and that he's planning
to shine when it comes.

It seems laughable to me that
raw rookie CFL QBs understand

that they will be expected to invest time
learning as understudys of veteran QBs,

and fans his age and much older
can't understand this practice.

I don't think that they realize
there is much more to quarterbacking
than having a strong throwing arm.

And you cannot learn on the sidelines. You have to play in meaningful minutes in an atmosphere that there is a chance to succeed. The chance to succeed exists so its time to play some. The only reason rookie CFL QBs accept the situation is that they have no choice. I am certain most don't agree that sitting does a lot to learn the game

Those guys actually played their first season. Not every one played a lot but every one of them had meaningful playing time their first season. Thats the way you develop QBs

argoconvert? Na... Chang looks good, he's getting his spots, and you don't want to ruin his confidence the way Calvillo had his blasted in his first few years when he was fed to the DAWGS on an inferior team.

…a silly post …nuff said.


Yea he's getting his spots
0 for 0 in BC
4th quarter when the game is lost vs Montreal ( he damned near pulled it out in spite of the fact Montreal knew what plays had to be called)
2nd quarter vs Toronto after the game was out of hand
3rd quarter after the game was out hand vs Calgary

The common thread? Only play Chang when he has no chance of success and play Maas even when he can't do the job. I don't care if it Williams or Chang they feel has a chance to develop as long as whoever they chose gets meaningful time in situations that will actually help his development rather than the time Chang is getting that can only shatter his progress

timmy has had probably more playing time after 4 games than any of the above mention qbs backups usually come in to a game when the game is out of hand one way or another danny mac was a backup for 5 years before he became a starter in bc dave dickerson at least 2 years in calgary behind flutie and garcia