Chang #2 on the QB depth chart

Well things certainly shook down much differently than I had thought.

I didn't think that the powers that be would have the b*lls to cut Butler after giving too much for him in a trade.
I thought they gave up a lot at the time, but trusted the GM.
Well the Cats made the right decision in releasing Butler, but the wrong one in trading for him.
One strike against Marcel.

I thought that the Cats might release Maas and his salary, and keep King, Butler, and Chang.
Wrong again!
Time will tell if Maas is worth the $350,000.00 a year or not.

Finally by releasing Butler, it made it easy to name Chang as the #2 guy ahead of Williams based on training camp and preseason.
I can see that Chang will be groomed for the starters position, and will be the face of the team for years to come.

Great job by the team to keep the QBs based on performance, and not by salary or expectations!

I can see that Chang will be groomed for the starters position, and will be the face of the team for years to come.
The future is now !!!

He can be "groomed" for the starters position all you want but as long as Jason is playing well enough to lead the team in a good enough way that the coaches are happy with, Mr. Chang will remain no. 2 on the depth chart I believe.

Chang will be inserted AS SOON AS Maas has trouble moving the yardsticks. That might be as soon as this Saturday night vs. Calgary.

And the operative word in your post Mr. ticatsackattack is, can you guessssss - MIGHT. :wink:
Jason is not on as short of a leash as one or two possessions and no first down then Chang comes in, don't think it will be quite like this.

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The QB rankings make perfect sense to me.

Ditto. I never like to see a guy cut, but Butler looked plain shaky pre-season. Chang looked hot.

Maas #1
Chang #2

is music to my ears.

ok, Maas is getting $350K. Anybody know how much Chang is getting as a rookie?

As for Chang's playing time, I think Chang will get mopup duties throughout the season. And when/if Hamilton is no longer in playoff contention, Chang will play to get experience for next season.

Who had "Maas/Chang/Williams" in the pool?

I thought the way Williams ended last year he might be the #2. Chang really impressed in training camp though. Maas is overpayed and unproductive so far in his stay here.

I'm really happy to see Timmy Chang on our roster. I remember seeing him in the NCAA and thinking that he'd be perfect for the CFL.

I'm not saying that he's the next great CFL quarterback just yet... but he's young and you never know. I mean, afterall, he is an NCAA record holder.

I hope that Hamilton mixes it up a bit this year. Sort of like what Toronto will be doing with their platooning of QB's. If Maas plays like Eskimo-Maas then obviously I'd like to see him as our starter... but he's injury prone... so throwing Timmy in for a series or two every game will help him develop AND give Mrs. Maas some rest up time.