Chandler Williams - - Sad News

Ex Argo Chandler Williams, released in October died while playing flag football on Saturday. Never really got much of a chance in Toronto, even though I thought he had some decent talent.

That's a stunner for sure. Condolences to his loved ones. He showed flashes of brilliance in the half-season he played in Toronto.

Very sad. Maybe the Argos and his teammates can setup a small education fund for his young daughter :frowning:

Wow, and I thought the player for Army breaking his femur running a route in practice was weird and unfortunate. Sad news for sure.

That was Torii Hunter's son - - he doesn't play for Army, he's still in high school and committed to Notre Dame.

Ah ok Area. I assumed he played for Army, didn't read the article just saw a clip where he was wearing a US Army jersey but something different I guess.

My thoughts go out to the Chandler Wiliams family.