Chances of Rocky starting in Montreal?

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!

I vote no.

Apparently Tillman, on riderville, said Joseph's injury isn't serious. If Joseph is healthy, he starts.

I think the bottom line is this. Obviously the playoffs, and the riders ARE going to the playoffs regardless of whether or not we get a home playoff game. If KJ has to sit a game to insure his health down the stretch than Rocky should get the call.

If he limps round like a Horse thats been shot... Rocky should play..if he has the mobility I agree he should start.
I heard over the Radio this morning Crandell might be Rdy, anyone else heard the same?

Dentor, if that's true, you are my new best friend.....a beverage on

Crandell should be close, so it is possible.
Originally, they said 4-8 weeks and my math puts him in week 6.
If joseph is able to play and there is minimal risk of further injury, he plays.
If playing is risky, or if one week off will be very beneficial, then sit him.
I doubt we'll know before Wed., unless it is serious.

If Barrett is smart, he'll say little on the QB situation.....announce the starter at game time.....

Rumour has it that Durant may be our healthiest qb. Let's hope someone gets well real quick! Any one of the three will suffice

Actually Jm I may take you up on that :slight_smile:..

We been doing alotta work in PA lately...and I need to check up on some of my guys work at Carlton Comp

Hmmm…the beverage I had in mind may not be appropriate for a high school…but the hockey arena is right next door…they have a lounge…this can be arranged…lol

Whom ever the QB is he will seeing alot of the beatiful Montreal sky sitting on his ass after beeing from Belli, Phillion, Stewart and company.

I dont really think that is a rumour... He obviously is the most healthy.

What happens after Durant goes down with a concussion after being knocked on his ass all day.Calvillo 11 sacks in BC will soon be forgotten after Durant has to be scrapped off of the Molson stadium turf.

All right, umaga....keep it in your own forum or the main one, eh??

no more trolling.....

I will leave you guys alone if the Riders make the playoffs.

Joseph will start. Riders can't have their golden boy sit out anymore games. Barrett figures that as long as Joseph was playing then that was all that he could do, win or lose.

Wrong again, umaga.....trolling in other team forums is frowned upon, so keep it in your own team forum, or on the main forum.....back away nicely, now, or your troll posts may simply disappear....

Jm what are you in jr high or just bitter because the Riders suck. I will leave you alone before someone calls the whambulance but I will leave with this where is the fun if you cant go into other teams forums to see what the oppising fans have to say about the upcomming game against your team. That is what I do with my friends. But I guess you comming from Saskatchewan you have no clue because everyone in that iceburgh you call a province is a dumbass Riders fan. Dude get a life.

Firstly, it's "dudette", capiche??

Secondly, I am not in high school.

Thirdly, I am not bitter about anything; thank you very much for your concern, but you have erred yet again.....

Fourthly, team forums are a place where fans can speak away from annoying trolls such as yourself as portrayed here.....if you don't believe me, take it up with another mod (hey, ro1313 is a mod too, and an Als fan - why don't you ask HIM about protocol in individual team forums??)

Lastly, my iceberg province is a sunny autumn day - one requiring sunscreen for the fair skinned.....gee, lotsa stuff you were wrong on here, huh?

Actually jm02,I think you need to lobby R&W2005 for one of his "Pest Spray Cans."

Actually, no, I think you shot down the troll pretty well.

Back to subject. Speaking from experience (See Dickenson) If you can get away with resting your starter for one more game, it might pay off in the long run.