Chances Hamilton Makes The Playoffs

Dear Optimist and Pessimist,

While you were arguing over whether the glass was half full or not, I drank it.


The Opportunist.

IF and i say somehow IF we get our stuff together and somehow make the playoffs it would mean winning out the last three wed be going into playoffs on a hot streak while i dont see the als or arblows playing great ball right now. Through drunken eye balls we could be in the cup. Just something to dream about

As the author George Will has said, "The nice part about being a pessimist is that you're always either being proven right or pleasantly surprised."

I'll be at the Bomber game too, but only because it's the last game at IWS. I'm so glad I gave up my seasons tickets this year, cause I would not be happy driving from Cambridge to watch performances like Friday's.

Let's call a spade a spade:

The only way this team has a shot for a playoff berth is if the defence can put together several decent performances over the next three games. If they play as they have all year, the Cats are out, Creehan is out and perhaps all but the Canadian players on defence are looking for work in other fields.

Say what you will about inconsistency, but our offence is the best part of the team, and is able on any given day to lay a beating on the other side.

SO, it is all on the D.

This may sound crazy, but if (and it is a big "if") Hamilton somehow wins the remainder of their games against Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto respectively, they have a good chance at finishing 2nd in the East and would actually host a home playoff game. (Perhaps not making October 27th the last game at Ivor Wynne.)

Of course this scenario would also require Toronto to lose all 3 of their remaining games against Winnipeg, Toronto and Hamilton. (It is certainly not a sure thing, but is very possible)

Furthermore, Winnipeg would have to beat Toronto, but lose to both Hamilton and Montreal. (Also, very possible).

I'm certainly not expecting this to actually happen, but it just shows you that even as bad as Hamilton has played of late they still have a reasonable hope of making the playoffs this season.

i wouldnt call that reasonable hope and really that scenario is so far from possible that it would take a miracle for that to happen. You can look at any mathematical possibility you want but the fact of the matter is the Ticats will be lucky to win one more game this year and they will certainly not make the playoffs even if Edmonton loses the rest of their games.

I'm not saying it is likely to happen, but it IS certainly possible. Also, I'm not arguing about Edmonton. I agree, Edmonton will likely crossover to the East. I am saying that Hamilton has a better chance at catching Toronto and finishing second. Like I said before, I don't actually expect this to happen, but it most definitely is possible.

If the Argos lose out the Cats only need to beat the argos by more than 8 and win one other game and they would finish second. Things are looking bad right now but they do still have a chance.

give your head a shake makaveli!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toronto plays first this weekend. They could have this locked up before Hamilton even hits the field.

But if Toronto loses, it gives Hamilton extra motivation to win. Not that they should need it. Nobody is expecting the scenario of Hamilton finishing second in the East, but most certainly, nobody needs to be "giving their head a shake" for suggesting the real possibility of it happening.

I'm not saying I think it will happen even though I am very hopeful as I would love a home playoff game. But it is a possibility, so I was just putting it out there. I think Toronto will lose to Sask its a coin flip what Bomber team shows up and if they decide they want to play for jobs next year, so it still is in our own hands. If the Cats want this they need to win.

It looks like we will get second place, a home game and then a trip to Montreal where we won easily last year. So it looks like a Grey Cup final this year!!


Just to prove I'm not an eternal pessimist when it comes to this team:

Edmonton's next 3 games: In Vancouver & Montreal, home to Calgary
Hamilton's next 3 games: In Calgary & Toronto, home to Winnipeg

TiCats are two games back of Edmonton; it the teams end up tied we get into the playoffs.

Could Edmonton lose two of its next three: yes. Hamilton then has to win all their remaining games.

I don't know if any 8&10 teams have won the Grey Cup but if any team is capable of such a feat it's this year's Tiger Cats.

After reading all the posts in this thread, I wonder, if we get Knowlton, J.J., and the Davis boys back....??? and the good Hank shows up, well........maybe??

I don't know if any 8&10 teams have won the Grey Cup but if any team is capable of such a feat it's this year's Tiger Cats.

Agree Ockham from the heart, but not from the mind, well, as limited as mine is I'll admit.

Stranger things have happened, and will continue to happen. Anon

The 2001 Grey Cup Champions were the Calgary Stampeders who started the season 5-9 and finished with an 8-10 record.