Chances Hamilton Makes The Playoffs

As of today, Monday September 10th, 2012, the Hamilton Tiger Cats have a 23.3% chance of making the playoffs. Their loss on Saturday combined with Saskatchewan's win on Sunday represented a 24.9% reversal in their playoff chances.

Here are the TiCats chances broken down in many different ways & what is needed in the future to increase playoff qualifications.

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Looks like to me they have to go 6-2 to all but guarantee their playoff destiny. (99.8%)
Go 4 & 4 and chances dip below that of a coin toss.
Need 5 & 3 or better in my books.

Great website to check up & see what percentage chance Hamilton has of making the playoffs. (Or any of your Favourite teams/leagues for that matter)

I thought it was a 23.3% chance of beating Edminton this week...

It’ s going to be hard to make the playoffs this year. Both Sask and Edm have 5 wins, we have 3 wins. This weekends game is going to be huge. If we beat Edm then we do have a chance if we lose it’s almost over.

To quote Jim Mora "Playoffs? Playoffs? I'd be happy just to win a game." I'm afraid these guys are toast. There is just not enough player and coaching talent on the defensive side of the ball. They had all winter to fix the defensive line and now they're in scramble mode. :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old, very disappointed guy)

Chances? Slim to none. :thdn:

It's actually pretty easy for us to make the playoffs. Beat Edmonton twice and match what they do in the rest of their games.

Here are the odds for some of the other struggling teams.

There’s a site called that charts the post-season chances of individual teams in most major sports. At the moment, the site lists the Ticats chances at making the playoffs at 23.3 per cent (Edmonton is at 89.2 per cent, Saskatchewan 86.1 per cent, Winnipeg 2.8 per cent).
[url=] ... it-yet-but[/url]

Just keep clicking the first link in my original post & you'll get the TiCats updated playoff chance percentage.

Didn't realize the situation is that hopeless.

Thanks for the link! (I think) :cry:

TiCats improved their playoff chances by almost 20% by beating MTL Friday & having EDM lose to CGY later that evening.

Hamilton's chances of making the playoffs now sit at around 80%.

As far as meaningful games this coming weekend ... It's really all about Hamilton & Edmonton. Results in other games have little statistical significance. It's a 10% gain if they win & a 10% decline if they lose. 20% swing at hand with the Eskies!

Time to look at flight prices to Edmonton I think!!!

Ok that says that WPG has a 2.0% chance of making the playoffs (that made me smile) now if that is the case why did all 3 of the clowns on the TSN panel pick them to make the playoffs?

Hamilton only has to tie the western team and Edmonton is in a free fall. Hamilton will make the post season but it will likely be a road game.

I'm thinking you answered your own question there. Guess none of them is very good at math. Then again, I think that was before Hamilton won and Winnipeg lost. The odds were slightly better before that, although still not good.

Chances will be better if they work Chris Williams into the offense more. I know he is a team guy and is happy for any win but 2 catches in a game? He does draw coverage oway from the other receivers but he has to thrown to more.

Any posters form the USA - I want to remind you this Friday (Oct 5) at Edmonton is on NBCSports (old VERSUS) so we dont have to rely on the shaky ESPN3 or wait for TSN on demand. Go Cats!

So ... As they stand right now with Toronto & Montreal kicking off ... Hamilton has a 10% chance of making the playoffs.

If the TiCats win out the season, (3-0), that percentage dramatically increases to almost 80% chance.

Go 2-1 over the remaining 3 & they have a 1 in 4 chance.

Anything less than that and they're out obviously.

2-1 is realistically doable. Then it's a 25% chance. Hmmm ...

Way I see it, we're @ the blackjack table ... Dealer is showing a 7 ... Chances he'll bust is roughly 1 in 4 ... How many people like those odds?

Based on the math, maybe the odds are acceptable. Based on how we play... streaky on offence, pathetic on defence, with diminished hopes as the season plays out, with little evidence of positive energy much less anything resembling momentum, and with our fate being in Edmonton's hands and them four points ahead and showing a bit of a resurgence... I prefer my chances of winning the lottery next week.

None as of OCT 13th turn out the lights the party is over we need a new GM and President ASAP

Assume there's zero chance the TiCats make the playoffs that way if they don't you're at peace and if by some minor miracle they do we can all rejoice and be glad.

Generally my philosophy of life. Pessimists of the world unite. The glass isn't half full. It's not half empty. It's cracked and leaking all over the floor.... but if you notice it and get it cleaned up before it completely ruins the finish.... BONUS!

I'm with Ockham and Cats99 - no hope. They can't win on the road and they're playing two tough teams. They can't beat the Bombers anywhere. I see a 0 and three end to the season unfortunately, and Edmonton crossing over: they will not get by both the Arrrrgs and AC so my bet is BC and Montreal for the Grey Cup.

That being said I will be there for the Bomber game.