Chance to be Great: Three-phase football sends Als to GC110

TORONTO — The Montreal Alouettes have preached greatness all season. Now they are one game away from accomplishing it.

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What a great win for the Als!

Well … if you consider KR and punting/kick-coverage as separate phases then yes … in three phases … but the offence was not one of them.

The Montreal Alouettes owe a big thank you to General Manager Danny Maciocia :wink:who was pivotal in obtaining the right players and coaching staff :bangbang: :canada: :football:.

Thank you to Pierre Karl Péladeau for purchasing the team.
Congratulations to Danny Maciocia for putting the team together.
Congratulations to Jason Maas for an excellent job leading the team.
Congratulations to Anthony Calvillo, for getting back to the Grey Cup again:)
Congratulations to Shawn Lemon, Marc-Antoine Dequoy, Darnelle Sankey, Cody Fajardo and the rest of that fabulous team for the hard work and confidence.
You guys are absolutely amazing.