Champs Still Champs

Not that we didn't already know this, but here ya go rlr.

Yes folks the Lions are still the Champs until someone else hoists the GC this November.

Something tells me Milty will retrie with out a ring. To bad one of the greatest receivers will not get a ring. The Argos just might be the first team to host a GC and be in the game.

and you base this on what again ? the way teams are playing in October ? I thought there were still 4 weeks left in the season. give your head a shake 05, and get some new bait while your at it. :roll: son is way off-base as usual....he's trying the Bombers last night ...comes up a little short.. lol good game last night...Charlie did the right thing and went for the td. at the end...can't blame him at all....I do know one thing ,he's gonna be po'd next game.....and who do we play....oh yeah, the cowboys...heh heh....Good game Lions Congrats..... :thup:

Thanks papa, good game to you too. See you in November.