championship trophies

Watching the postgame with all the Steelers holding (all apologies too the Yanks) the gawd awful Vince Lombardi trophy made me appreciate the Grey cup and the Stanley Cup all that much more.

 Even the Worl Series trophy looks better. Now im not sure about other sports tropies (anyone, if they are as nice or even worse than the Lombardi trophy.

See if this helps.

[url=] ... pic&t=4530[/url]

I think the Lombardi tropie isn't bad, Grey Cup is much better though.

wrost trophy in NA is the MLB league one.

the two worst is the world series one and the nba one

NBA and NFL trophys look like they were made at the same shop.....MLB one prolly was too.

..........any trophy you can't drink out of is a trophy for pooftas.........


dont they both look the cheap?

after workin so hard all year, u get rewarded with THIS???? give it back.

now THIS is a trophy that looks like it was worth it!

Yep.....those are pretty bad.....

........pooftas.......dilect derevitive of poofters........ENGLISH, (UK Commonwealth); homosexual male..........

or HERES a trophy.....being held by the GREATest hockey player to ever play the game:

.............or this bad boy.........the Memorial Cup.........

........Lord Stanley's cup is good, but IMO this one's harder to get..........not only do you have to finish the playoffs in your own league on top then you got to take on the best of the other three junior leagues.........

Agree, thats a mighty tall mountain to climb..see redwhite we do agree on some things..

best looking trophies IMO

  1. Stanley Cup
  2. Grey Cup
  3. Memorial Cup

Don't be forgetting the Vanier cup now

NBA one isn't bad, but isn't good either. and I can't tell you how much that pic of WG holding the GC ticks me off. :evil:

  1. Grey Cup
  2. Staleny Cup
  3. V Cup
  4. Memorial Cup
  5. "CJFL" cup
  6. Permership cup
  7. Bledisloe Cup
  8. NFL
  9. NBA
  10. MLB

Well, bit biased, but I think the rugby nations have the best cups....

  1. Bledisloe Cup (annually competed for between Australian and New Zealand's national teams)
[url=] ... c_ALLSPORT[/url]{84435}.jpg
  1. Calcutta Cup (annually competeed for between England and Scotland's national teams, also the oldest rugby rivalry)
[url=] ... 114752.jpg[/url]

but like I said, I do have a bias! :oops: [/img]

But can you drink out of it?

I agree with R&W.....You have to be able to drink champagne out of the cup.

Why does a picture of Gretz holding the Grey Cup tick you off? He was, at one point, the part-owner of the Argos (with John Candy, who you can see in the background), and I'm guessing that pic is from after the Argos won the Cup in '91.

I still think the Grey Cup and Stanley Cup are the two best-looking trophies out there. The Mem Cup is really neat, because it looks so classic ... The MLB trophy is unique, at least; but the NFL and NBA look like they have identical trophies. I prefer the NFL one to the NBA one - the NBA one looks cheap, like they're trying to have it "animated" (like a ball going in a basket ... give me a break), and it looks like it's about to fall apart. How can you dream about holding THAT up? Meanwhile, it's easy to dream about lifting the Stanley/Grey Cup above your head ... They're still all better than that damn World Cup of Hockey abomination.

Those rugby trophies are neat ... I like those "overseas" trophies, too. Like the FA Cup ... I think that thing is a beaut.

I think the Stanley Cup is the hardest professional sports trophy to win ... playing every other night in a full-contact sport, blocking pucks flying at 100mph with your body ... yikes. But that's a good point about the Mem Cup being harder to win than that. The WHL and, I think, OHL playoffs are as long as the NHL's; then you have to win another tournament ... Really, by winning the Mem Cup, you are asserting that you're better than the other 57 teams in the CHL - 57 other teams!!!

looks like you can drink out of the Calcutta Cup, looks like a beer mug! :lol: