championship team 1986 bring them back lol

bring back the 1986 grey cup team. 84,85,86 east champs 89 east champs ,4 grey cup appereances in 6 yrs.last qb to be devolped in hamilton kerrigan even hobart.that we actually kept not traded away.marler in al bruno.

those teams had defence and heart leadership charcater chemistry.i hope this team will learn from this season they are young its fragile they either step up become real ticats and win championships.
or the other weak willed route play with no heart and be booted out of town or put in d furnance at slater steel lol.

this season we need to devolp timmy chang go in a new direction. cfl is a qb league .we need the o line to gel with the young guys.but to tell the truth im out of ideas as what to do .these guys are paid to win football games.step up and do it.just win.

   [no more excuses just win].that should be a name a fan club  of fed up ticat fans.

             ticat running back 
              jimmy edwards 1977 cfl mvp