Championship Sunday Party Day is here!

Going to be an outstanding day of Football. Got my chips and dip ready. Got my big screen ready hooked up with speakers. Got my refreshments.

Everybody is coming over for pre-game appetizers during pre-game.

Championship Sunday is here!

Yes it is nice, hooked up my bigger 14" black and white, got to get some tinfoil from the kitchen to improve on snowy reception. Or is it actually snowing in Ottawa??? Fireplace on, some white lightning at my side. some fried critters to snack.
( told very one to come down to Dumas Walkers Place ) ESKIES are playing get your fiddle!! Yupppy!!

…am I the only one not invited over for pre-game appetizers? hmmm :?

All the same, I really looking forward to the games today! There’s nothing better than CFL playoffs. Everything’s on the line with an unpredictable story line. Agony and ecstasy in a titanic battle for field position and points on the lone prairie. Let the games begin! :thup:

and its snowing!!!

Today is visiting day at the funny farm.