Championship Gears

I am so disappointed with Reebok and the CFL for this year's championship hat and t-shirt. Their grades (not quality) are definitely inferior to last year's items. The hat is obviously made from lower grade fabrics and there is not enough lining on the visor. As well, the word 'Champions' is printed instead of embroidered. As for the shirt, they do not even bother to put the Grey Cup Edmonton logo on it.

I am proud with the Alouettes and their achievement, but to drop $70 for these pieces of crap?

Well, with the limited CFL budget..... I would certainly like to see football catch on more in Canada. Football is not just merely a game - it's an event! Hopefully, it will attract more interest, more fans, larger stadia, more media sponshorship, more corporate investment.... Then, maybe, we will have a league of which we will be proud.

I agree the hat looks and feels so much cheaper than last year. I though the shirt was pretty nice but looks like last years! Not worth the 70$ at all.