Champions Club

What exactly is the "Champions Club" ? What does it include? How much does it cost?

8) It's one section of the Club Level, where all your food is included, but you pay extra for your liquor and beer.
   The prices range depending on where you sit.  Your best bet is to call a TiCat ticket rep, and they can explain all the 
   different prices to you, according on where you want to sit.

    They put on a fantastic buffet dinner at each game, and the menu changes on a game to game basis !!

     Your ticket includes an outside seat, and you have the option of sitting inside if the weather is inclement.

What is the cost of a regular club Seat?

A friend at work has club seats on the 30 yard line and he pays $1500 per season ticket and as for the food he doesn't believe it is very good

I have club seats, paid around $1,850 a piece for seats near the 30 yard line. Includes premier access, buffet and snacks at the games, non-alcoholic drinks, assigned seating outside, ability to watch the game from inside during inclement weather, parking, discounts at Ticats store, advance access to concert tickets (which I’ve never taken advantage of since they don’t ever have any concerts here! But I digress…), and fancy tickets that I can pay extra for. It’s pricey, but I really like it. The food options vary from game to game, and there’s always enough variety to ensure there’s at least a few items we’ll enjoy. It’s far from gourmet dining, but for stadium food I think it’s pretty good. Chicken wings, veal cutlets, salads, vegetables, roast beef, pasta, cookies, ice cream bars, cupcakes, etc… are the types of things that have been served this year. Sure beats hot dogs and pizza slices. Tables are scarce, but you can usually join others who have vacant seats without any problems. It’s seems to be a bit of a “status” area for some, a more refined way to watch a football game. You can really tell which people are experiencing the club level for the first time by their wide-opened eyes and smiles. Let’s just say it doesn’t suck.

On the downside, it can get quite busy, they sometimes run out of the dessert items very quickly due to people first in line taking more than they should, booze costs extra, the elevator up is extremely slow and crowded (stairs are the other option if you don’t mind coughing up a lung by the time you get there), and there are not enough washroom facilities resulting in long lines at halftime. But that said, once you get used to club seats, it’s hard to go back to regular seats.

8) How right you are "James" on most of your responses !!
 I have had the Club section since it's it's inception, and I would never go back to regular seats either.

 The big secret is to get to the premium gate at least 1 hour before they open, and that pretty well assures you of 
 a table of your choice, even by taking the elevator up to the Club Level !! 

 By the way,   did you not enjoy the roast of pork at the last game ??

  Another side perk is mingling with a lot of the TiCat Alumni at each game, who are always up there .

It's good news for everybody if the folks with club seats feel like they're getting their money's worth for the price. It's not something I'd choose, but it's good for the financial health of the team that there are people who do.

I’ve had seasons tickets behind the Ticats bench for many years now (box J at IWS and section 104 now). I decided to try club seats this season – I’m in the Champions Club on the 50-yard line. I like James’ description of the club section.... “a more refined way to watch a football game?. My wife and I enjoy the lounge – it’s clean, comfortable, nice bar, great service, and a good (upscale) crowd. The food is average at best – in fact, we usually go out for dinner before the game and skip the food in the club lounge altogether. We also don’t use the included parking because it’s too far. Overall, I don’t think it’s a good value (my club seats are over 3 times more than my golds), but this isn’t the reason that I’m considering not renewing my club seats. My biggest disappointment is the “fan? experience – very few people in our section cheers, make any noise, or even stand up when the Ticats score. There’s no vibe whatsoever and I feel completely disconnected from the game and the players – if I don’t renew my club seats, this will be the reason. I’m just extremely thankful that I hung on to my golds in 104.

For those who love the perks - that's great - and it's good for the team to get the extra revenue - and you enjoy it - that's a win - win.

But for me personally - ras has hit on something that matches my usual 'Club' or 'Box' experience. Now I can't specifically talk about the situation at THF because I've not made it into the Club (yet). - lol

But any other sport event I've gone to where I've had Club or Corporate Box seats - it is simply not as exciting as being among the 'regular folk'. I've been in boxes at the ACC, Rogers Centre and once at Ralph Wilson Stadium - and the atmosphere almost always just isn't there.

I had a friend whose company (he was the CEO) had a corporate box at Rogers Centre (Skydome) at the time - and he invited me to Game 6 of the 1993 World Series (Joe Carter home run) and I assumed I was going to be in the box. Instead he had a pair of 100 level seats about 15-20 rows up from first base. Before the game as we moved to our seats he said - 'no f'n way Im sitting in a box for this one!'. And that off the chart experience was better - not being in the box.

But I get others prefer the perks (and they are often good perks) that come with a Club or Corporate Box experience.

Now - it does sound like you are at least getting decent food up there in the club level. Can you send some of it down to us plebes who have to put up with cold hot dogs or cold pizza slices - when they have any food left. :stuck_out_tongue:

It's a good thing i actually like your classic cardboard PizzaPizza, otherwise I'd have nothing to eat there.

Branched out to a footlong last game. Bad idea.

I'd still way rather be in my cheap seats where all the excitement is :rockin: