So, I've been thinking.

Zac Champion was recently tossed out of BC - why not pick the guy up?

If Reesing ends up slipping through our fingers, why not sign Champion on as backup? He was pretty impressive in BC despite the short amount of time played, but he has at least seen the field, and knows the game. He has potential to be a solid #2 guy.

I know people are high on both Joseph and Dinwiddie, but why not stick with relatively younger guys who have potential and sign him?

I'd put him in the same category as Dinwiddie, at least in terms of playing time - i.e. not very much. If the Riders are looking to add a "veteran", then neither fit the bill because they aren't really. They don't charge me up. I'd rather go with what we have ... the "develop the young guns" and live or die with them ... than take either of these two. But I'm on the record as bringing Joseph back if the right price can be negotiated, for reasons I've stated in another thread.

I completly agree legal, if Joseph would come back for the very right price, then there's our vet. If he wants a six figure salary, then call Reesing. Dinwiddie is a never was......

My personal top shelf choice is Reesing, time to work with the future.

Ken Miller's strong hints on twitter and the interview of Todd Reesing that has been floating around cyber space makes me think that signing Todd Reesing is an unoffical "done deal." The reason why the Rider brass may not be putting the pressure on him to decide and sign is probably because the Rider brass, being who they are, care just as much about the player as a person as they do about the person as a player. They may not want to give the kid too many distractions while he is writing his final exams. I hear that Todd Reesing is working on an MBA which is probably one of the toughest master programmes of any discipline in any university anywhere. It could be as simple as the kid saying "leave me alone for a while, I am busy" and the Rider brass may actually be listening to him.

I feel fairly certain that Todd Reesing will be at training camp. Thank goodness he is only 5' 10" (which I hear is his actual height).

Not a problem. I'm all for good prospects, even if only 1 in 50-ish pan out. He might be the one in the next 50 ...