Champagne or Baby Duck ?

Coming back today from Edmonton, I’m looking at the pictures on & just notices that in the picture with Etienne Boulay, Matt Proulx holding the cup & Chip Cox, Chip holds a bottle of Baby Duck…

Did we draw short stick “again” for “bubbles”, just like the accommodation this last week :wink:

The good stuff was in the other locker room and as we know now, no als was aloud near it... :lol:

Let's be merciful: the other team needed the good stuff a lot more than we did ... drowning their sorrows and all that. :wink:

I'm not ragging on the Riders, incidentally. I give them full respect. I'm just so damn happy that for once, we're not on the wrong end of heartbreaking Grey Cup losses. :lol:

Just watched the game on my PVR since I was there. The 1st few bottle they opened was the good stuff :slight_smile:

S'ils ont mis du Baby Duck dans la Coupe, c'est surprenant que la Coupe n'ait pas fondu, et encore plus surprenant que les gars y aient survécu!!!

Y a pas à dire, les Alouettes sont faits forts!

À moins qu'ils n'y aient mis du Baby Duck en croyant que Harper voudrait y boire : il aurait eu quelque chose à sa mesure.