Chamblin's defence

Check out this video highlighting numerous defensive plays by Chamblin's D.


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This looks to be a CHAMPIONSHIP Defence
They are playing very well under Chamblin's direction
An extremely pleasant surprise after what most of us thought was our weak link this year!
Old style Hamilton Defence. (Gotta Love It!)

I love what the D is doing this year! The only area of concern is against a team with a big strong back like Messam or Joffrey who can power through a 6-7 man blitz and end up in the secondary with a head of steam. I’m sure the coaching is waaayyy ahead of me on this though.

Its sure is nice watching the young players gaining experience and becoming a force on the team. Even the completions the Als were making there was a DBack all over the receiver. In the next few games the defence should really establish itself through out the league. :thup: :smiley:

Eddie Steele: 22 years old
Albert Smith: 24 years old
Justin Hickman: 25 years old
Stevie Baggs: 29 years old
Jamal Johnson: 28 years old
Markeith Knowlton: 28 years old
Rey Williams: 30 years old
Ryan Hinds: 25 years old
Marcell Young: 23 years old
Carlos Thomas: 24 years old
Bo Smith: 27 years old
Jason Shivers: 28 years old

Folks, those are your defensive starters. Rey Williams is the oldest player at 30 years of age.

These guys are only going to get better :rockin:

Eddie Steele DT non import age 22. :thup:

Great vid!! However they left out the 3-4 time clock penalties by Montreal and all of the audibles Montreal had to make because of what the Defense was showing. They most defintely look good and are getting better with each game.

I recall at least one play in which Calvillo read the D, called a somewhat elaborate audible, and then the Ti-Cat defense called their own defensive audible and re- adjusted. What a chess match! Very cool and exciting to watch. What a chess match! Wish I could recall the result of that play!

Where did chamblin come from? And why has he not been a DC for longer hahaha. I think KJ our OC is comming up with some good plays thus far.

Chamblin was the DB coach in Calgary the last couple of years.

I love watching this defense play. No disrespect to Greg Marshall, but I much prefer Chamblin's defense to Marshall's. The way these guys play, I am surprised when teams score. They are that good, IMO.

It also seems like they play their best at Ivor Wynne, allowing just 3 offensive touchdowns in 3 games. That's the way it should be. :thup:

Glen Suitor on the Tiger-Cats' defence

When I talked to a few offensive players after facing that new 'D' in Steel town, the word that kept coming up was, "fast!" Opposing offensive players said almost to a man that the Hamilton defence plays as fast as any team in the league on that side of the ball.

I like to see a Como D some Chamblins and some of Marshalls

If notice are D-Line Sacks are down in this system

Doens't mean there's not pressure being applied. Every team knows we're coming after their QB, so I'm sure they plan for some quick release passing game plans.

So far, teams are completing 10% less passes against the Tiger-Cats' defence.

Fewest Passes Completed Against a Defence 2011

CAL 100
WPG 114
HAM 119 3rd
BC 126
MTL 126
SSK 133
EDM 136
TOR 152

Fewest Passes Completed Against a Defense 2010

CAL 321
MTL 338
WPG 380
EDM 383
SSK 383
BC 384
HAM 425 7th
TOR 438

Lowest % Passes Completed Against a Defence 2011

CAL 52.1 %
HAM 55.9 % 2nd
WPG 58.5 %
MTL 59.2 %
EDM 63.8 %
BC 65.3 %
SSK 65.5 %
TOR 72.0 %

Lats year Lowest % Passes Completed Against a Defense 2010

CAL 54.9 %
MTL 55.3 %
BC 60.4 %
WPG 62.6 %
EDM 64.4 %
HAM 66.0 % 6th
TOR 66.2 %
SSK 68.0 %

That 72% for Toronto this year shows how soft a zone they play. It's like they have 5 FS back there.

Also consider that Calgary, right now, has the best pass defence in the league, so that helps give further context to the tabbies' loss this past week.

Greg Marshall's no blitz soft zone defense was often critisized for not getting enough pressure and allowing receivers too much time to find soft spots in zone defences. That critisism was warranted as Marshall did not blitz often.

Cory Chamblin on the other hand blitzes often with man to man defense as the mainstay. I think the problem so far is we just haven't been effective enough on the blitz. Often 6 or 7 rushers on delays or stunts and we haven't got the coverage skills yet to lock it down for 3 or 4 seconds to give the pressure time to get to the QB.

Last year it was picked apart by zones under Marshall. So far, for the most part it has been breakdowns on man to man that has been our downfall.

Overall I'd say I like Chamblin's style better than Marshalls. I'd like to see a little flexibility and change things up a bit so we are not so predictable. Playing Calvillo and Burris back to back is tough to get sacks as they are both outstanding QB's. I would hope vs. the Argo's this week we keep up the pressure and put Lemon to the turf often.

If the Tiger Cats could not stop Reynolds or Cornish and others on the 5 - 7 yard short outs, Owens and Durrie should have a field day. The defence definately needs to show up big for Toronto. Toronto is a much better team than their record. Everyone needs to play an entuseastic error free game or it's lights out.

Bellefeuille also said the Calgary game films offered a bit of encouragement in that the second-half stall was all about execution and not about lack of effort. … It’s tempting to bash the Cats’ pass rush but the word is out about the press defence, and teams are starting to use two tight ends to outman the rush and buy a little extra time for the quarterback. That, in turn, pressures the secondary when it’s in man-to-man. Calgary did that often, or used their fullback as an extra blocker. The other thing Calgary did, a lot, to counter the hard rush was the little lob swing pass. Of course, it doesn’t matter what the offence does if the defence misses too many tackles as Hamilton’s did.
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Two areas that need improvement, in my opinion, are the lack of tackling of Jason Shivers and the play at defensive tackle. The tackles are " a little light in the pants" and seem to hand fight more than penetrate and pressure. I know they're young and will get better but we need at least one beast in the middle. As for Shivers, the look of dismay on the face of Nik Lewis said it all in the Calgary game. If you don't want to tackle, go get a job on the offence. We need a John Williams/Ted Page/Gerald Vaughn type of Dback. :oops:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)