...Reading the Leader Post article today, it's looking a lot like Greg Marshal is finally getting closer to being a 'bride' instead of the 'bidesmaid'...IF that happens (Milanovitch and Chamblin it appears have fallen out of the race) Look for Etcheverrys' services to be available...Chamblin IS more than likely available now but won't be considered by us for the dc/asst. coach spot , until the riders name their guy officially...In order to beat the Cats to the punch for a d co-ordinator, i say we get all of these guys on speed-dial...Hall could still be available as well...depending on what the riders do...Time to consider anyone of Hall/Chamblin/ or Etcheverry for our D. As well anyone of these guys would be a good addition to take-over a very talented up and coming defence...It's going to get interesting in the next few weeks :wink:

I still say pass on Etcheverry if he becomes available. I'm not impressed with it at all. Hall and Lapo are friends so that's a possibility. Lapo also likes to hire up and comers so I wouldn't count out Chamblin.

It does surprise me that Doug Berry's name isn't being mentioned anymore for HC. Maybe he decided he likes being an OC better.

.....I know a lot of concensus in the league is that Cory Chamblin is an 'up and comer' with a great future....I wouldn't be opposed to his services being obtained :thup:

When I said I wasn't impressed with "it" at all - I meant Etcheverry's defence. I thought that but forgot to type it. D'OH!!!

Etch's defences were good enough the last 2 years to win GC's. I don't blame him or his defence for those losses, so I believe we could do a lot worse then him.

Defence wasn't what got the Riders to the GC. In 2010 the only defensive category they were #1 was fewest passes attempted against which is probably because teams ran more against them since they had the worst run defence in the league. They finished 7th in points allowed and 6th in yards allowed. Statistically their defence was worse in 2010 than in 2009 and I suspect it will be statistically worse in 2011 if Etcheverry is still there.

Well I totally agree that the D was not what got the Riders to the Grey Cup. Blue Blood you are certainly correct in noting the deterioration of their D from 2009 to 2010. . . that said, how much of it was due to Etcheverry's unusual schemes and how much was due to personnel? I'd say that personnel was at least half of it. . . they lost Chick, Baggs, and Eddie Davis, and when you lose three stellar performers like those three, your D is going to regress, regardless of who the coordinator happens to be.

That said, I am of two minds on Etcheverry. As a CFL football fan, and one who enjoys watching defence more than offence, I love the guy. His unconventional schemes and sets are a treat to watch, from an entertainment perspective. But, taking off my "fan of the game" glasses, and putting myself in a GM position, would I want him running my team's defence? I'd probably prefer someone else. . . I'd be pulling out too many hairs if he was running my defence, just too risky. And, if I was running Winnipeg, I'd be really concerned. . . that's one heck of a great defensive line there (assuming and hoping that Hunt doesn't head to the NFL), and having Etcheverry mess with them what with his weird sets and all is not something I"d be comfortable with.

Now if Marshall happens to retain Etcheverry, then for sure go after Richie Hall before Hamilton makes him an offer. If Marshall hires Hall and Etcheverry heads to CIS, then I'd probably contact Chamblin but for sure I"d also have one more conversation with Richard Harris to see if he could be persuaded to change his mind about being a D/C. . . I still think he'd make a good one, he's known to and liked by the personnel in Winnipeg. . . I don't know enough about Chamblin to express an opinion.

Like that's ever stopped me before !

Had to get that in before someone else does. . .

....Hall and Chamblin available now.......get on it Mack and Lapo :rockin:

Well Papa…its getting real close to when I’m gonna have to eat some humble pie and admit in 10 posts how brilliant you are. :wink:

....not so fast flag :roll: ......I know Lapo has more than likely bent Halls ear but so is the hammer doing likewise....i have heard from a little 'bird' that Hall would NOT be going to Ham. ...however he could still sign on with the riders but that scenario also appears to be fading (too many cooks on the rider staff now and i just don't see Marshall wanting another defensive guy when that's Gregs schtick) Any hoooooo.....everything should shake down shortly...we'll see :roll: :roll:

Sorry, but stats don't mean squat when your playing in the GC on back to back occassions. I don't believe any one aspect of a team gets them to the GC anyways. You have to be good in all aspects of the team, and the Riders defence was good enough to get it done in both games. The special teams let them down in the first one and the offence in the second trip. Defence didn't lose them those games and sometimes that is all you need.

I"ll agree with you to a point. The Riders' D isn't responsible for them losing two Grey Cups.

Yes the special teams cost them the first one. Saskatchewan dominated the first half, and Montreal dominated the second; but even with Montreal's impressive comeback, they fell just one field goal short and the Cup was Regina's but for the too many men penalty.

But I disagree that the offence let them down in the 2010 Grey Cup. There were two teams on the field remember, and the other guys get paid to play the game too. So while I agree that the Riders' special teams goof cost them the Grey Cup in 2009, I believe that the 2010 result was not so much due to the Riders' offence letting them down, but rather due to stellar play by Montreal's defence and great scheming by Montreal's defensive coordinator. Montreal won that Grey Cup more than Saskatchewan lost it.

So, rather than blaming Saskatchewan's offence for punting, what, 8 times in a row in the second half, I'd give credit where credit is due and say that Montreal's defence was the main contributor in their Grey Cup victory by stuffing the Riders' offence.

And just to add to MJ's point, the final score of the Grey Cup was 21-18 Montreal. If we point the finger at Berry's offense, we should also point the finger at Trestman & Milanovich's offense as well. Eighteen ain't a helluva lot less than 21. :wink: Fact is, both teams' defenses played exceptional football in the big game. The Als did just a little more to win.

I'm not taking anything away from the play of the Montreal defence in that game. I just don't believe that you can pin that loss on the Rider defence. My point was just that the Rider defence played well enough in both those games to win.

....the Als. did in fact play a 'little' better to win....MINUS the ugly performance by Duval....this could have been a more decisive victory ...The stretch of six punts by the riders, as MadJack has eluded to, showed some serious cracks in the rider offence..orrrrrr conversly a superior Mont. defence....I'll go with a better Als. D. as the dif. maker. :wink:

I don't think it was the defence that lost the GC for the Riders but I also don't think the defence was what got the Riders to the GC. They gave up a lot of yards and points in 2010. Etcheverry has basically said this is a passing league and he doesn't care about run defence (paraphrasing) and it shows since the Riders were the worst against the run. I just don't want to see him come into Winnipeg and muck up our defence.

And .... he got beat by a coach who's motto is "everything matters"...

For what it’s worth, Suitor got Trestman’s mottos wrong during the Grey Cup game.

2008: Everything matters
2009: Win the day, 57+3
2010: This is it

Yes, I know I’m sad. :smiley:

Stubler's excellent Toronto defenses were weak against the run too and yet the Argos still won their 2004 Grey Cup largely due to their D. I don't think it was part of Etcheverry's strategy to give up a ton of points this year. He just had to deal with some significant personnel issues -- the loss of Chick, Baggs, and Eddie Davis.

As for defense not getting the Riders to the Grey Cup, what about the west division final against Calgary? The Riders controlled Calgary all game long and absolutely shut down Burris, Reynolds, Lewis & co. in the second half. No mean feat.