Chamblin closes practises.

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It seems we have some spies in our midst. I know some of the posters here go to watch practises - what do you think?

Looks like things are looking up in Riderville. Imagine, having a playbook that actually needs some protection from the
“spys”. Refreshing to say the least. :smiley:

You got that right! :lol:

so this means no...
pass to deep flat
pass to short flat
pass to deep flat
pass to mid/deep center
pass to deep flat
run up the gut
start over

I am going ot miss knowing what the next play was

Doug Berry is no longer our Offensive coordinator FYI :stuck_out_tongue: :rockin: :lol:

no sh*t
it was a joke based on the fact that the playbook/calling sucked before and after Berry was dismissed last season. Well, that's not fair, I actually loved the playbook, the calling just sucked.

That was the joke...

You know...I was convinced that Berry had DD actually calling out the patterns in the audible! lol
Blue 32....
Paaaaaass up the middle.....
Hut hut


I am still not entirely convinced Berry was a bad OC...I just think it was more the wrong combination of people. He made great plays and what not, but it was like he was only allowed to use his playbook 1 quarter per game.

If closed practices leads to more wins, I'm all for it.

I believe 2 practices a week should always be closed.

at least it's better than Toronto's playbook...



As I said, if it leads to wins like we had over the Ticats, I'm all for it.

Another win, so keep it going. Course Chamblin may have know he was going to bad mouth his players in prep for the BC game. Can’t have kids hearing those words from a coach :smiley: