Chamblin and Taman Fired

@ArashMadani: BREAKING: Have learned both head coach Corey Chamblin and GM Brendan Taman have been fired in Sask. Decision just came down tonight. #CFL

Hot off the press

In other news..The sky is blue

Bob Dyce apparently interim HC, O'Day becomes GM.

About time.

Sad to see how quick they've fallen in the past two years.

Well at least now I can look at the bright side instead of the negative.

Ummm interesting.

I would have whacked the equipment manager, the accountant and the assistant to the travelling secretary too but its a start....

"Hey, body suit man!!"

I was never on the fire Chamblin bandwagon until last game. There had been a lot of small mistakes this year throughout the games, but last game had loads of coaching mistakes. It was probably some of the worst coaching that I've seen.

Not a surprise.

[i]OHHHHH!!! The shid hits the fan in Riderville!

Hurry up Riders, and hire Tom Higgins as head coach. Hurry, before someone signs him... :lol: [/i]

This has been building for a while now. They rid themselves of George Cortez, Richie Hall, Craig Dickenson, and most of the veterans who got them to the Grey Cup in the first place. Basically, anybody who MIGHT have been a threat to Chamblin's authority. Too light on leadership, the ship tilted and sank.

Agreed, especially with the QB decision mid game. Like he wanted to get fired.

Buying that Grey Cup is also part of what led them to this point. They took second and third SMS mortgages on...
C'est la vie :wink:

700k and 800k respectively in golden parachutes ! These two can barely tie their shoe laces. League needs to get a handle on football operation salaries.

They were 17k over the SMS in 2013. That's a pretty small mortgage. Some of the moves, especially Richie Hall were very poor moves in hindsight. I don't think they've missed George Cortez, the offense and special teams have been fine this year, just the D that's been terrible.

Expected this news - punkish move on Chamblin last Sunday to remove Brett Smith from the game (don't know all the circumstances surrounding the situation) but a punkish move.

Taman , should have been dumped 18 months ago.

Lapolice may get a call , I believe he was quoted not to long ago that he would like to coach again - he may fit in with the Rider nation

Gosh what a surprise !!! Who could've seen this one coming ? :roll: Shocking totally shocking !!! Coming soon to a theater near you.....From Hero's to Zero's-the true story of the 2015 Rough-less Riders. Hard to believe that a team can go from Grey Cup champions to chumpions in such a short time. Well at least Corey has his dust collector COY Trophy to remind himself of just how "GREAT" a coach he is :thdn: . I wouldn't worry about him being unemployed for long I hear that there's a Pee Wee team interested in hiring him on. :wink:

Chamblin dug his own grave IMO with his unearned, Mike Kelly-style arrogance. Guy wins a Grey Cup in his first year as head coach in a season where his GM spent over the cap because they were hosting and surrounded by veteran football minds (Cortez and Hall). Somewhere along the way, he evidently thought his poo-poo didn't stink and started running the team like he was Don Matthews. But there is only one Don Matthews, and he cut his teeth for a long time as a coach to earn the right to do things his way. All Chamblin had was a few years as a position coach and one mediocre season as Hamilton's DC before he went to Saskatchewan. Not exactly a stellar resume.

What he should have done was hire a real, experienced DC to run the defense this year, backed off, and let his coordinators do their thing while he watched, learned, and stepped in only when necessary. Instead, he tried to take the team over and failed miserably. Yes, I know they lost Durant in game 1 and Glenn a few weeks later, but you know what? My Alouettes lost their no. 3 QB in training camp and their no. 1 and 2 QBs in the first game of the season with a rookie CFL OC at the helm. There is just no excuse for 0-9, none. That's an entire half-season of winless football; if this were hockey, it would be like if your team opened the season with 30 or 40 straight losses. At that point, the record dictates a change.

I think Taman will find work again. Chamblin, not so sure.

They back loaded a bunch of deals and then could not hang on to any of their talent when they hit free agency. Taman told the media straight up that it would cause problems "next year and beyond". Now he's left holding the bag.

I wonder if Toronto media will push for Higgins the martyr to get his job ? :roll:

Just goes to show. You mess with The Smith & Weston combo and you'll shoot yourself in the foot every time. :lol: