Challenging the Ivor Wynne Thing

Long term goals, urban location, and Toronto2015's desire for the Pan Am games to jump-start GO initiatives.

Does Ivor Wynne offer it all?

Some interesting points about Wrigley and it's similarities to Ivor Wynne and it's location. Or vice versa I should say.

Mr. Pattersion your right, I was wrong. Ivor Wynn is the only location that makes sense to best service the city.
Lets just hope our councillers agree.
My prediction on the final IWS vote. 11 for, 5 against.


Ipattison, I thought maybe you and others might be interested in this photo of old "Civic Stadium" looking eastward. For anyone that never saw it this way and think the stadium is indeed 80yrs old, none of what is in the picture is left standing!

Old northstands on the left and wooden bleachers everywhere else, track, and note stands on the track on southside (they were the best seats in the house).

sorry the one I am talking about is second in, the rest are interesting too.

My goal, Unanamous. To get them to push their support and loyalty towards West Harbor aside, and to vote Ivor Wynne because they feel it meets all the requirements set out in the Pan Am Legacy guidlines. To realize that Ivor Wynne was never allowed to be a preferred site, and that now it is the location that has hopefully brought the hands together.

It's okay to feel strongly against the many ways this game has been played, but it's also okay to put the past behind us and unanamously move forward. 16 for and 0 against, will send a clear message to all; this location can be one that we can embrace and feel good about.

Thanks for posting that, Matelot. There are also some great photos of the old Civic stadium and events held there, on the HPL site. You have to dig around a bit. Even better, go to the History room at HPL and sign them out. You can’t take them out of the room, but they are much easier to admire in hand, than on screen.

That is a great photo gallery. it is funny, that the best ‘positive’ coverage of Ivor Wynne before and after it was put on the table, has been best covered by Toronto papers. The article about the SIWS site aside, they have shown Ivor Wynne in a much better light than a certain local paper.


Wow I didn't know that was available online. Some terrific pictures covering lots of different city interests

For sure. I strongly advise any history buffs, to spend some quality time in the library browsing this stuff. I spent an entire day there researching the stadium and the man behind it and such. I sat and stared at the large prints of Civic Stadium for hours! They should be blown up and all over the concorses of Ivor Wynne for people to admire. I wonder if the Football Hall of Fame's interest would get a huge boost, from being in or close to Ivor Wynne. Learning about history in history itself, I think would add something spectacular to the experience.

If you read the links to stadiums like Fenway, Wrigley, and Lambeau Field, we can learn a great deal about how to market Ivor Wynne year round. If the FHOF is right there, tourse of Ivor Wynne Stadium could be conducted year round.