challenging a challenge

57th greatest thing I've ever seen, maybe 56th

We think it is your 57th greatest thing but we will review that.

What was 28th?

After review we have determined it is the 56th greatest thing you have ever seen. ....
Oh you are challenging that review
After further review it is determined it still is the 56th greatest thing you have ever seen.

There are a few things the ref could have done to move it way up

1 - started laughing
2 - after reviewing, hey, maybe you were right, but f u for this move, I'm nor
not swaying
3 - there is inconclusive evidence to overturn the call (this would have bumped it to my top 5)
4 - were right, immature overturn it. Of course I'm really on the fence, so am open to a challenge by Mr Higgins

Glad he gave command to symbolic finger. That should not have been overturned.

And wasted a time out that might have been useful in the Als second to last possession or Ottawa's last.

Lmao! :smiley:

True, but with how brutal the officiating was the game. That's the first time I've seen obj conduct for getting off a player quickly.

The Ottawa coach was trying to prove a point and showed up the officials and the whole review system nicely :rockin:

The officiating and the review is a JOKE !! :thdn:

It was for getting off him and running over the guy in the process; with an extra nudge/push thrown in.

A officials call, then a review of the officials call, then a review of the review. The league should examine this ASAP. This is beginning to be silly season re the recall and review system.

ONLY in the CFL!!!! Challenging a challenge. That is like taking a dump, and then sucking the dump back into your insides. It should not happen...

Clearly the coaches need two flags moving forward:

  • A regular challenge flag, and
  • A new 'Are you really, really sure about that review, because I think you've messed up big time and need to watch the replays another 3 times' flag.

CFL officials could then overturn the review and, in true Canadian fashion, apologize.

I that what I thought. He knew they wouldn't over turn the call but the officiating this year has been over the top brutal all year. That has to be coming down from the ex referees calling the shots. The owners are going to have to rein things in next year or lose fans. You can be sure the GC won't be called as close. was pretty obvious that he was giving them a big FU. There was not enough to overturn that, and I thought it was a fumble anyways. He should have thrown another challenge flag just before snap..."c' more look"

I don't agree with that move, if that's what he was doing. You don't hurt your team because you don't like a call. That's petty. But like I said, Rick Campbell is an idiot.

I liked the move. If they were remotely in the playoff, but it had to be satisfying and my money says the players respected it a lot.

Perhaps a different, less unpleasant analogy is in order :lol:

Johnny doesn’t do less unpleasant! :smiley: