Here is an idea for Commissioner Ambrosie...

Each team begins every game with 1 challenge. If you use it in the 1st half and you WIN, it carries over to the 2nd half. You don't get another one in the 1st half though. If you lose the call in the 1st half, then you are done for the game. If you do not use it in the 1st half, it carries over to the 2nd.

It is not right to have to use your only challenge in the 1st half to correct a blatantly poor call. Now you're boned in the 2nd half when you might need it. Use your challenge in the 1st half to correct an official's mistake and justifiably keep the 2nd challenge for when you need it late in the game. Blow it on a frivolous call in the 1st and you get what you deserve.

Otherwise, I like the current structure...

Personally, I never had a problem with the 2+1 challenge system they had before. It was only when they added illegal contact to the list of allowable challenges, and then called the penalty incorrectly, that it fell apart.

[b]RULE 6 - PASSING[/b] [b]SECTION 4 – FORWARD PASS[/b] [b]Article 8 – Interference Before A Pass Is Thrown[/b] By Team B Prior to a forward pass being thrown, a Team B player may: (b) Beyond the five yard zone from the line of scrimmage, use his hands to shed contact initiated by the Team A receiver.
Never seemed to be called that way by the Command Centre.

Should be simple. You have one challenge to use a game and you can keep that challenge for as many uses as you if you are successful. Once you lose a challenge you are done.
Teams should not be penalized for incorrect officiating.