I was interested if anyone has made this suggestion to the league already or would I be the first ?
I would like to see the league bring a new rule concerning challenges...give the teams unlimited challenges with the rule that once you get one wrong you lose a time out and no more challenges !
If you use your time outs your challenges also end. I believe we all want to see the right calls made in every game and this is one way to ensure that happens. I don't think a coach would risk every thing knowing what he is going to lose. It would also maybe get our officials calling the game better so as not to be embarrassed with to many challenges ! I personally hate seeing a blat-on call go missed and the teams have to just suck it up and move on...I understand it go's both ways and that's the way we have it it in the past but with today's advances there is a better and fair way to ensure the right calls are made ! Thanks for listening Jerry

We just got out of the challenge disaster and you want to start it again? No bloody way.

I agree 100%

The rule was meant to get it right!
Did the ball touch the ground?
Was the knee down
Did he step OOB

Basically it is for a bang bang play that is very difficult to get right

The refereeing has become so bad that they are being wasted because the refs are either blind or biased

Why should the coach lose a challenge over a ridiculous call like the one a few weeks ago where the D-lineman was calledfor PI while he was being blocked by the running back

Thecallwas overturned but the coach lost a challengebecause of incompetence

And while you are at it....getrid of that stupid no contact after 5 yards rule

NO NO NO, The CFL just fixed that disaster. It's perfect right now. Nothing worse than a challenge flag being tossed for "slight" infraction that happens 40 yards from the play being called over and and over wiping out good plays. A good eye in the booth could probably find infractions on every play, it is a contact sport after all. No, leave it alone!!

Just fix the way the illegal contact rule is being interpreted. Another example last night where the receiver ran into a stationary defender, and guess who gets flagged. If the receiver initiates the contact, they should be called for an illegal block downfield.

Then change what can be challenged.

Illegal contact is a good example...Actually change the stupid rule.
But that IMO is he perfect example of a hail Mary challenge

Again...why should a team lose a challenge because of a brutal call from an incompetentref

The only thing that was accomplished by reducing the challenges was to hide how bad the refs are

But coming from a comish who is ex-player union I am not surprised

Its the perfect example

Now we are hearing that the defender MUST get out of the receiver's way!
Change that rule and you will fix 95% of the challenge problem

Change the rule and hire competent refs.
Are they rated after the games. at the quarter mark, halfway mark?

Yes this is beyond absurd.

CFL officials (CIS/Jr too) are evaluated after EVERY game.

If you think the officials are that bad, perhaps you need to apply to your local officiating assn and start your journey in stripes so you can save us all from the horror that now exists.

In about ten years and about 500 per wee, bantam, high school, jr and CIS games, being paid gas money, you'll get the call from the long as you're prepared to put in hundreds of hours of rules study along the way.

Oh yeah, you gotta be in shape too.

Good luck with all that.

Thank you for clarifying the evaluation process.

We have now seen the unintended but inevitable consequence of the well-intentioned change Ambrosie brought in. A team needed a challenge for an egregiously bad call but had already used its only challenge. So the tweak has not entirely solved the problem.

And then there's the issue of the Command Centre supposedly being able to fix small errors like ball placement on its own. Why can't or doesn't it correct errors that are glaringly obvious from the replay, like the Argos getting a 15-yard no-yards penalty when the replay clearly showed the cover guy was five yards away AND two yards away laterally?

No need to change the rule. It's fine just as it is.

Article 8 – Interference Before A Pass Is Thrown

By Team A

Prior to a forward pass being thrown across the line of scrimmage, a Team A player may not initiate contact with or block a Team B player more than 1 yard in advance of the line of scrimmage before the ball is deemed complete or incomplete. Such contact is “Illegal Interference – Blocking Downfield?.

By Team B

Prior to a forward pass being thrown, a Team B player may:
(b) Beyond the five yard zone from the line of scrimmage, use his hands to shed contact initiated by the Team A receiver.

Prior to a forward pass being thrown, a Team B player may not:
(a) Beyond the five yard zone, create or initiate contact that redirects, restricts, or impedes the Team A receiver in any way. Such contact is “Illegal Contact On A Receiver?.

So far this year, I'm not seeing it called according to the underlined parts of the rule.

what dont you understand about it? you dont make any sense ro1313

now who is hearing what? the rules are clear. play the game of football and maybe you will understand it more easily.

Begone troll

Actually, the rules are quite clear. In fact, the rules state that the defender is allowed to use his hands to fend off a receiver who runs into or even at him. But that's not how it's called, especially by the Command Centre. That's what's not clear.

And how do you know who "plays the game of football"?

Well said Thanks