Has anyone else noticed how inept CFL referees tend to be when it comes to making the correct call on challenges? I'd say out of all the challenges i've seen, about 3/4 of them have been just plain wrong! Earlier tonight during the stamps/esks game there was a challenge made by calgary on the grounds that the ball wasn't caught. Yet the video reply OBVIOUSLY shows the catch had been made, two or three steps were taken, when the GROUND caused the reciever to fumble the football! I remember watching a game with a couple of buddies who said they also noticed how bunk the calls seemed to be on the challenges. Anyone else noticed this, or am I completely out to lunch?

i thought that was a catch too..if anything, it was a catch then a fumble.

i think most replay challenges are correct, but the ones that are talked about are the ones that are wrong.

You're not out to lunch.....the officials have always been inept! My hope was that with video replay they would actually get some of the calls right! I see now that I was just dilusional....every person watching the game on tv, every person in the stands saw a catch tonight.....perhaps the officials were looking at a replay from last game....because surely they weren't watching what the rest of us were !!!! If the CFL truly wants to change their image for the better, then maybe they could start with the officiating, it's such a Mickey Mouse bad joke kind of a thing now.

I can understand when a ref makes a bad call when he doesn't have the benefit of instant replay like we do at home; players move at very fast speeds and i suppose they don't always have the best angles. The thing that bothers me is when the refs DO have the benefit of instant replay like on the challenges, and they still get it horribly wrong.

i say, EVERY replay should be in the hands of mr black to phone to toronto ( or whereever black is ) and black tells the ref what the call is.

Well...I don't think what I said comes even close to that. What I'm saying is if they can't get the challenges right even 50% of the time, then they shouldn't have them at all.
I think that challenged call should be the TSN turning point eh??lol

I still say they need to do replay from upstairs in the booth, have an official unconnected to the ruling on the field review it. Heck, if they could get Suitor and Cuthbert to do every game next year, i'd trust them to make a more accurate call on the replay challenge....

Provided the call in question doesn't involve the Ti-Cats... :stuck_out_tongue: