Challenger OV99

I know this has nothing to do with the CFL and doesn't belong here but I ask you to understand this week brings back the saddest times in my career.

January 27, 1967 we lost Apollo 1 and her three Astronauts
January 28, 1986 at T+93 seconds we lost Challenger Orbiter Vehicle 99 and her seven Astronauts Mission 51 L
February 1, 2003 on reentry we lost Columbia Orbiter Vehicle 102 and her seven Astronauts
Mission STS 107

My wife and I worked at KSC and were On Station for each of these Missions.
The Vehicles were modified and replaced. But the true loss was the Astronauts, our coworkers, our friends.
They Will Never Be Forgotten
Their Memory Lives On
Their Spirit Will Carry Us Higher

Thank you CFL fans for your understanding.

Many of us do understand and mourn with you.

I remember those days. Thanks!!! May the CFL live forever. Actually I see good times ahead for league.
Great product good value. Exciting TIMES ahead.

I remember January 28, 1986 very well and very sadly, of course. I was in grade 9 at the time and our whole school pretty much stopped operations for the day in shock and grief.

I remember it well . Sorry for your loss then and your sad memories of the anniversary date tomorrow will bring .

I remember when jfk and mlk were killed, but I don't remember Apollo

I remember the Challenger incident, but not the Columbia

Tragedies one and all. None should be forgotten.

I remember it all and I have no problem with you sharing that with us. One happy moment I will never forget is my father having me believe I could see Armstrong and the bunch on the moon with a pair a binoculars. lol

Not too many people can say they were there for something like that...

Hopefully the Mars missions (2030's) will be successful and we take their memories and achievements with us.

Thank you for the responses they are truly appreciated by my wife and I.
Nine Canadian Astronauts flew on 13 Space Shuttle Missions and every time the Payload Bay doors opened on an Orbiter the Maple Leaf was there in the bay. Canada and Canadians were members of the Team.
Fly High, Fly Fast, Fly Proud!

Now, it is time to close this Thread and get ready for some CFL football!