Challenge to the Defence

I was just checking out the CFL website and the stats for all teams so far this year. Our giveaway/takeaway ratio is -2. Not great bud not horrible. However I did notice that we only have 2 interceptions. I think this is also a point that is hurting us.

My question...Is it because we are not getting enough pressure on QB's to force them to make bad throws or is it because our backs are not doing a good job of getting to the ball to make a play on it? Are our backs not agressive enough?

I like our backs and think there is much potential there but why do we only have 2 picks?

I can think of at least five dropped interceptions. And I mean absolutely no excuse drops...

I don't think there is one reason why we don't have more picks, instead there are a lot:

  1. We've had a least one called back after a penalty
  2. We've had a number of catchable balls dropped
  3. We haven't had exceptional pressure on QBs (just see our sack stats, we are near the bottom)
  4. Our DBs are not all that great, we are still trying to find the right group, and have had some injuries.

In my mind the biggest factor of these is the talent of the DBs. We've got some young guys out there, Cody has been injured, and we lost Goss. Some of these guys are just trying to keep the coverage close, and are not thinking about picks. They've given up some pretty big plays so far, and have picked up their share of pass interference calls. Right now this is one of our weak spots. Hopefully we can keep getting better.

I think the pass rush may be getting a bit better. We were up against some of the best with BC and the Peg, and faired OK. Look for better things in the future.


and those 2 picks are from linebackers...and they all came in one game

Zeke Moreno and Agustin Barrenenchea each had one v.s BC and those are the only 2

so our secondary doesnt even have any picks yet

I believe the reason you haven't seen a lot of interceptions from the secondary is because of two factors:

A small portion of the lack of interceptions is due to the fact that the team has been searching, and has yet to find, a consistent and sustained pass rush. The better the pressure on the quarterback, the more rushed and poor throws you force thus leading to more interceptions.

And secondly, with a relatively new and inexperienced backfield who is learning a new defensive scheme, the secondary hasn't learned each others tendencies and haven't yet gained the confidence you need to start making plays on the ball. Right now the secondary is more focussed on not allowing big plays and who has got their back on each passing play.

Once they fully grasp the defense and have some continuity as a unit and start to rely on instinct, you can almost guarantee you will see more ball hawking from players like Dwight Anderson and Tay Cody.

I really believe the Ticats have some good players in their defensive secondary, they just have to stay healthy, learn to play within the system, and start to make a break on the ball. The interceptions will come ...

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I agree with all of the above, but to me, the main reason for our limited number of interceptions is our failure to put the opposing quarterback under continuous pressure.
This aspect of our game, however, is starting to improve.