Challenge to Lions Fans

I would argue that the CFL's best fans, as in Rider fans, would drive through those mountain passes. Good win today though.

I travel from Calgary to Vancouver several times a year and believe me, I would far rather make that trip than the one to Regina....boring.

A nice prarie drive versus a mountain one. Nice comparison.

Obviously you've never driven through the prairie, have you ever tried to stay awake all the way from Calgary to Regina, it is next to impossible. Now driving through the Rockies, the National Parks, The Kootenays, that is a nice drive. It doesn't get boring till you reach Chilliwack.

...that;s why they have the cow po.op smell there, it's like smelling salts, wakes you right up....

Not taking anything away from the Rider fans, many of them do go on the road for games. That is not why there is always green in the stands wherever the Riders play though.

It's because there are so many people originally from Sask living in other cities. I'm not trying to slag Saskatchewan, here are the facts. This isn't me just speculating, half my family is from Saskatchewan. Up until the last few years of boom, there really wasn't a lot of reason to stay in there. Jobs have been scarce, and then add in the fact that the amount of people living on farms has dropped substantially in the last 30-40 years.

Some due to people just giving it up, as it's a hard life at times, a lot due to the fact that with the advances in farm equip, the amount of people you need to work a parcel has dropped an incredible amount in a very short time. When I was a kid, 25ish years ago, there was hundreds of farms around the Meadow Lake area (where my family is from). Now most of those farms are gone, the land bought up by the ones who wanted to stick it out and could afford the machinery. My great uncle Leo works a parcel almost 10x what he started with, and doesn't even break a sweat. So the people sell out and move to the city. most of the kids just don't want to be farmers either. Out of the oh, 10 or so second cousins I have that were born in Sask on farms, only one still lives there. The rest are in Calgary, Edmonton, or Vancouver.

I agree the Riders do road trip more than other fans in the CFL, but it's the expat Rider fans that make up the majority of the green outside of Taylor field.

Makes a lot of sense. Im sure there is a bigger movement from small to larger cities than there is the other way around. Being more central in the country would probably make hitting other cities a bit less of a pain.

Sorry, but I have commitments that mean I can't just "pack up and go" like some Saskatchewaners can. And I don't rate myself on whether or not I'm crazy (stupid) enough to drive to another province and sit in the cold for a game I can easily watch from the comfort of home, with friends and family.

I don't do what Rider fans do. And, as far as I'm concerned, that's a good thing.
Some fan.

let’s not forget that the Riders is all Sask.has. Most of us also have an NHL team that we can root for, or bleed us dry in ticket sales. I think that’s why they are so concentrated at games. We have season tickets for the Lions. Our seats are on the visitors side, and there is a large presence of green in the stands. It’s bitter sweeet. I hate playing the Riders, or any “green team”, but it’s such a sweet excitement to have rivels in the stands. That’s what football is all about. Well, one of the things anyway. I thought that the way the Lions were treated the time before last in Sask was in poor taste. Then again, one must not have much taste to wear a green jersey . I loved the class that the Lions showed in the semi final game. We cold have SO easily gotten a TD in the last few seconds, but we ended by just running out the clock. That’s just the classy team we are. :thup:

Some fans actually have to work for a living and support their families. I won't even be able to watch the game on Saturday due to work commitments.

You know why Regina doesn't have a professional hockey team

Cause then Vancouver would want one too.

You know why Regina doesn't have a professional hockey team

Cause then Vancouver would want one too.
Ha ha that's funny cfleskfan, that's a whole 'nother forum..I'm not a hockey fan and not loyal to the Cannots :wink:

I have to admit that I probably wouldnt stay here if the future wasnt looking so bright here.

Thats an original one Potsie... how long did it take you to come up with that one. And for the record I think hockey is the absolute most useless sport not just the NHL, but sport on the planet, galaxie, universe etc. What sport allows fighting you want to fight take it outside like men or even women.

I will admit, I've never been to BC place for a game, used to go out to Kelowna once a year or so, but always too early in the year for CFL football. Been to games in Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto though :wink:

:D :D These are two proud and loud Lions fans that will be at McMahon to cheer the boys on; we are spending our children's inheritance to get there, with their blessing.

Very excited to be there and are hoping to find some kindred black and orange in the stands....if not, rest assured that we will be proud ambassadors for the cause.............YES WE CAN!

Ouch, I have to give you that one..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Although, we do have the Vancouver Giants and the Kamloops Blazers! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: