Challenge to Lions Fans

Since there seems to be a few Lions fans who are taking great joy in slagging the Riders fans, I issue you this challenge. Since Regina and Vancouver are roughly the same driving distance and same airfare to Calgary. Saskatchewan showed up a year ago in Calgary in force, were great fans, made plenty of noise and won with class, (I know, I was there). Let's see if B.C. can show up in Calgary with even half the numbers the Riders fans did last year. I bet they don't come close.

Any takers?

Haven’t the Stamps already sold out the Western Final?

Um, no?

Sorry, but I have commitments that mean I can't just "pack up and go" like some Saskatchewaners can. And I don't rate myself on whether or not I'm crazy (stupid) enough to drive to another province and sit in the cold for a game I can easily watch from the comfort of home, with friends and family.

I don't do what Rider fans do. And, as far as I'm concerned, that's a good thing.

Nope lots of good seats available.

Should be lots in the Regina Leader Post tomorrow (sorry Regina fans, I love ya but couldn't resist that one shot). :twisted: :cowboy:

They'll be more Lions fans in Calgary than Esk fans in Montreal I bet. Didn't see any Esk fans in Winnipeg today.

Now if you're arguing that Rider fans support their team MORE than any other CFL fans, I do agree. Sometimes, they dont support the Riders BETTER, but they do support them more.

Last week I drove 5 hours to watch the Leos lose in Calgary. The Calgary fans wanted BC to win this week, not because they loved BC or hated the Riders, but because they were disgusted by the Rider fans who showed up the last time in Calgary. They were intimidated by the Priders behaviour. Of course, only a few Rider fans gave the rest that reputation, but it IS their reputation.

Hopefully, today's loss will slow down some of the antics next season.



And they were all great, thanks for coming to Winnipeg boys and girls.

This makes no sense, since the game was in SK, last year, not Calgary.

Actually, most Calgary fans did want B.C. to win this week, not because the disliked the Riders but because they view the Lions as a team which they match up better against and the Stamps should have an easier time with the Lions than the Riders. Don't let my avatar fool you, I am and Eskimo fan but I have Seasons tickets in Calgary where I live. See you next week. Enjoy the Kootenays.

We're happy you think we're the easier team. :slight_smile:

Considering the majority of people moving to Calgary are from Sask iam not surprised.

Oops, my bad, was thinking about Gainergate, 2006.

I think the Stamps are pretty solid and Burris has a rocket launcher of an arm, but now they're facing a Lions team that has a lot to prove after losing to "the 3rd stringers" last week. The Leos are going to be ready to play and have confidence after dismantling the Riders in Rider nation .... that may not be enough, but the theory that Sask was the better team has been blown away today.

It'll be a great West Final, whereas the East will be over by halftime. Montreal will be there to host.


LOL, not if the Eskies have anything to say about it, and something sneaky tells me they do.

Honestly, I'd put my $$ on the Eskimos.

I'd take that bet!

Als by 33. Please dont call me names. 8)

Yah, driving through through two major moutain passes in the early winter for 10.5 hours is jsut as easy as the road from Regina that has no turns in it.

Get a grip.

…I think it’s a worthy challenge…see if you can at least double the amount of BC fans that come to a Stampeder game…from 4 to 8…c’mon BC fans, fill our stadium…

You do know there is a difference right if your a rider fan you drive on flat roads all the way to Calgary. And The Lion fans have to go through the rockies in November can be a challenge but not impossible. So this is somewhat silly is it not.

he does not speak for Stamp fans believe me when I say that. D30 got it pretty right. Remember we beat the riders handily 42 to 5 they did not score a touchdown in that one either.

Actually Debralynn, to be honest, I don't think you're an easier team, I will explain. I think that the Stamps match up very well against the Lions. The Stampeders beat the Lions in all 3 regular season games this year and sometimes in sport, teams seem to do well against certain opponents, I think this is the case with the Stamps vs the Lions. The thing that I think many Calgarians feel, myself included is that with the Saskatchewan fans out of the picture, home field becomes much more of an advantage. It will be relitively quiet here this week, (which is a good part of why I try to stir things up on this site). Having the Riders visiting next week would have guaranteed a lot more fun off the field, whether it would have translated to better football on the field is debatable.