Challenge Rule / Stadium Replays

Challenge rules need to be tightened up to enhance the experience for fans attending the game and to prevent a lopsided advantage for the home team.
As a fan, the stadium has the ability to show me replays during the game.
If something is controversial, I get nothing.
If I pass on buying a ticket and stay home I would see the play repeatedly on TSN.
Once the play has been challenged the Arcelor-Mittal Commercial Delivery Device should show all the replays.
As for tightening up the rules, teams should only be allowed to challenge up to the play clock being started for the next play (not the snap of the ball).
As far as lopsided advantages, I was at a game in Calgary where the close calls that could have gone Calgary's way were shown (given the sideline coaches immediate access to the review vs. a coach in the booth waiting for the TV replay) where as the close calls that could have gone the other teams way were not shown at all.
Given Montreal will have homefield advantage during the Eastern Final and the Grey Cup (if they win the East Final of course), do we want the home team to have that kind of advantage in games that are that important.
Most importantly, as a paying customer, management should do all it can to convince me that I am not better served by staying home and watching the game on TV.
Final say - the Challenge Rule should be scrapped all together.
Too many cons and not enough pros.

Always something to complain about eh? Be my guest, stay at home and watch all the replays you want, the challenge rule is a great rule and isnt going anywhere. Every stadium is going to do all they can to help the home team win as long as it is within the leagues rules. If it's controversial let their guy up stairs decide that on his tv, then he will tell the opposing coach to throw the flag.

I think he is trying to make the point that all replays should be shown.
And I agree.
As a fan at a live event you often miss the questionable calls, or would like to see them again for your own pleasure.
I watch the line play a lot, and rely on the replay to show the whole play.

Show the replays.....always!!!

I don't think that they should ever be allowed to show a replay between the time the challenge flag is thrown until after the ruling is made. It makes a noisy and biased crowd a potential factor in the official's decision. If they've already shown it by the time the challenge flag is thrown, there's nothing you can do about that.

I can also understand the argument for not showing a replay at all on a a play once the challenge flag is thrown because, if the call goes against the home team, the home fans will still see what they want to see and it createsa potentially hostile and dangerous environment. I can understand that argument, but my opinion is that they should show a reply on all challenges after the ruling is made.

The rule should apply the same way, whether the challenge is successful or not, whether by the home team or not.

Not seeing the replay while the ref is deciding adds drama, which is always a good thing.

I agree with showing the replays.
Too often last game, even on non-contested calls, there'd be a replay-worthy play made, and nuthin' on the Tigervision.

One play in particular...forget which, I think Cahoon ended up getting crushed on the sidelines, everyone turned to see it again and all we got was the Mac Cheerleaders. Now, I like the Mac Cheerleaders, for sure, but I just had to look at the field to see them.

Anyway...when I was at the game on Labour Day, there were lots of replays, before during and after challenged plays. In fact, one lead to a Taaffe challenge. And, the crowd got to rage about it twice...made for a good emotional atmosphere.

"Always something to complain about eh?"

Who's complaining?
I was simply trying to engage in discussion about something that may (or may not) improve the game from a fans point of view.
As for staying home, I enjoy the gameday experience and make it to all games but it appears so do the 15,000 empty seats watching the game with me.