Challenge Question

Anyone watching on T.V hear an explanation why yesterday when Montreal challenged Hamilton's catch, the ref said that play is not challengeable?

I thought you couldn't challenge penalties only. I don't know if Suitor gave an explanation, because no one around us in the stands didn't have an answer...

You can't challenge judgement calls made by the official. The judgement call was that he was pushed out of bounds.

I think the delay-of-game was overkill on that one. He was ruled in bounds and the replay may have shown that he actually landed out of bounds. I think they should have been allowed to withdraw that challenge after they explained that it was not ruled in-bounds but instead ruled pushed-out-of-bounds.

Unless the bench was already informed of the ruling on the field. Then the delay-of-game was the right call.

The refs ruled Rodriguez came down out of bounds, but he was pushed out by the Montreal player. I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's not that you can't challenge penalties (I'm pretty sure I've seen a play where a penalty was challenged when it was a flag for the passer throwing the ball when he was past the line of scrimmage at least once, and I think that's a challengeable play) but that you can't challenge something that's purely a judgment call by the official.. so a force out on a completed pass like that isn't allowed to be challenged.

I don't understand, what exactly is a judgement call? The initial call was incomplete, by the ref right beside the play. Then a different ref came in and called it complete. So if a ball bounces, and then the receiver catches it, the defense wants to challenge it, thats not challengeable?

The ref didn't call it complete, he called it a push out. It's a judgment call because there's no rule telling the ref what exactly constitutes a push out, he has to determine himself if Estelle's push was significant enough to alter where Rodriguez came down.

If you go look at the game recap, it was called incomplete first. Then it was called complete. I figured, if the call was changed, it is worth being challenged. But anyways, theres nothing you can do now.

The first official called it incomplete because his foot came down on the line. The other stepped in and said it was a push out, and that IN HIS JUDGEMENT he would have come down in bounds without the push. The ruling on the field was a complete pass; the judgement call could not be challenged.

I don't know if I'd have penalized them for asking for the explanation, though.

Was it actually called a push-out? I thought the second ref called it complete because Rodriguez' right foot came down in bounds first.

Had no effect on the outcome of the game anyhow.

I didn't actually see it called a push out, but you can challenge whether or not he came down in bounds, you can't challenge if it's called a push out.. so since the refs denied the challenge I assume it was ruled a push out.. that's how it should've been ruled anyway.

I agree the penalty was unnecessary unless the refs told Montreal it was ruled a push out though.

Why wasn't Toronto penalized for delay-of-game for throwing a challenge flag on the field after the three-minute-warning?