Challenge flags

The 3 challenges at the beginning of the stamps game were ridiculous, the cfl needs to stop this, challenging a challenge should be illegal or just throw the whole rule out and give the game back to the referees and live with it. It was much better that way imo. Also the league needs to start suspending coaches to, for constantly yelling and berating the referees on the field of play. It goes on in every game, I think the only coach I don't see do this is trestman. Calls usually find a way to even out and don't usually cost a game. Usually the team losing, is losing for many other reasons.

They need to start penalizing players who run to the ref making the flag tossing motion .... some players do it every time they don't make the catch it seems. It's one thing to motion to your own coach but they need to put an end to the theatrics from all players.

Also they need to put an immediate end to flag challenges on plays not involved directly with they play on the field. Replay was never intended to challenge incidental contact on the opposite side of the field. Replay has become a game within the game.

The cfl needs to change the rule now not after the season .... contact on the play remaining challenge .... contact away from the play .... feel free to send in a clip to see it warrants supplimentry discipline after the game.

Football is played on the field - not by a group of 6 on ipads do you know they are doing that? sure their facial expressions are constrained and tense but you don't know what they are saying to the ref, you simply don't know unless you are standing right next to them...the coaches and refs have an on-field relationship and no ref is going to take abuse from any coach or player, the ref will flag that action if it gets out-of-hand and toss a player/coach if it is warranted...

I thought they changed the challenge rule to only two challenges per team and that's it.

Stamps threw out 3 challenges. I know before they could keep challenging if they got it right, but I thought the CFL changed that.

Also, they have to set up something about challenging after a challenge. The Riders challenge a play, which I believe the CFL has a max time for challenges to be thrown, within 30 seconds of the play in review?
So Riders challenge in that time limit, but the stamps get the whole time the first review to go over the entire play to look for possible challenges. They made the right call and its in the books, but I think the CFL should close that loophole.

If you want to challenge a possible overturn, perhaps you have to throw the flag within 10 seconds of the first challenge and declare what you are challenging. Not sure how they can do that.

Yes, talk about stopping the game before it get's started.

I worked for many years as a CFL sideline official (sticks, downsbox, ball boy, replay etc all staffed by local amateur officials) and the abuse that coaches, players and other "occupants of the beach" direct at officials, sometimes from less than a foot away, is sometimes as bad as it looks....or worse. But, given it's pro, the officials are trained to ignore it unless it "crosses the line", but an OC is still extremely rare. I once saw the equipment manager of a team lean into a sideline official and scream into his ear...I almost cuffed the clown myself. At amateur ball, such abuse from the bench would be penalized quickly so the extreme stuff rarely happens but there is always grumbling from a losing bench but the team leading the game usually think the officials are doing a tremendous you might expect.

The pulling the flag motion can be on OC and should be as we all know what it means.

In terms of the relationship between the players and the officials on field, it tends to differ depending on the official's position. The side and deep officials tend to have less interaction with the players as they breeze by on their patterns and then back to the huddle. The HL/LJ tend to communicate most with the bench as that's part of their relay info from the centre of the field to the coaches.

The Head Referee and Umpire tend to have the most ongoing conversations with the players but not as much as you may think. We're (officials) there to keep the game fair and safe, not be their pals. That said, my policy is always to be positive and respectful towards the players and if a comment from me can ensure the game the game stays on track, then I'll deliver it without hesitation. Especially earlier in the game, if I see actions that are borderline, usually with regard to blocking, I'll let the players know ("hey 55, keep those hands inside") to help set the boundries so the players know what they can get away with because they're always pushing the limits....cause that's what players are trained to do.

I always chuckle a bit when a bench does get tagged with an OC, usually for a coach who has blown a gasket, and the players on the field start yelling back at the bench to StFU because even they know how stupid it sounds.

Rarely a game goes by where, are the final gun, the players close to me don't reach out and shake hands with me and I'm happy to shake theirs. After all, we both love football and we're both proud to be a part of it...especially at an elite level.

Finally, the challenge thing was invented by the coaches, modified by the coaches and is abused by the if you want to be mad at someone...

The rule should be that you can only challenge one play per half... and if you lose the challenge then you are assessed a 15 yd penalty for delay of game and lose the second challenge

Kind of agree with Eddy on this one. Not all but one is to many!! Refs are also getting touch
more now then ever.

The Riders were never going to come out on top of that flag fest and Jones should have known that. The official should have thrown a PI flag to start with. Can't blame him for missing the ball touching the ground. I don't believe the games are running any longer with the challenges and I think the contact rule will be changed after this season. Even if they are a bit longer so what, GET IT RIGHT. Obviously some fans have forgotten how frustrating it was to see blown calls, and yes, some games lost because of them.

Video review is killing the game. It will only get worse as long as coaches are allowed to challenge.

They need to eliminate coaches challenges(they have shown they are not professional enough to handle them) and scale back what can be challenged. Tonights game is a prime example, Ottawa challenges the type of play the Argos ran. If that doesn't tell you the system is out of control nothing will.

Delay of game for that unnecessary challenge - sadly enough, coaches are pulling puppet strings.

Flutie thinks too much challenge with PI, contact and and that and it leads to too many iffy calls that should be let go. Hard to argue with that. I take from what he said it's taking away from the game too much.

The priviledge has been abused so take it away. When they start to challenge what play was run it's time to remove coaches from the equation.

Buddy Totally Totally agree. Games in the past took 2:45 To day 2:45"" Same"
I love the challenges and replays. Adds to the game. Cheers

Second that. Thanks :rockin:

How could I forget, it still happens. Video review is so inconsistent any notion that it is improving the overall quality of the game is ludicrous.

I would much rather go back to the pre review days and live with thecall on the field. When the on field guys blow a call it’s from one look of one angle ay full speed. You would rather the call be in the hands of the guy who gets multiple looks from multiple angles at a variety of speeds and can’t get half his calls correct? Video review by nature should be 99% correct. The CGL is at best 75% and I’m being incredibly generous.

The problem here is that the challenge flag system is not really doing what it intended to do. Screw giving coaches the ability at will to challenge every little nick wicky thing. Simply have the command center notify the referee whenever there is a call that is questionable. Scoring plays and turnovers are always reviewed anyways and even then coaches are still waving there flags all over the place looking for any little thing, like some incidental call on the other side of the field. By no means am I blaming the coaches for taking advantage of whatever system they can, simply stop giving them all the power to do so.

While we are at it lets stop calling every little hit on the QB and kicker as roughing. Obviously if it is really some roughing like slamming them down after the ball has left the hands for 3 seconds, or aggressively head hunting then by all means call it. But tick tack hits that happen just as the ball leaves the hand are ridiculous calls.

[b]Upon further review, the CFL’s video-replay system is a bad idea.

This opinion is sheepishly dispensed by someone who initially endorsed the introduction and expansion of video review — on the basis that the correct call should be made when possible, using whatever means are available.

However, the system — which was implemented for all the right reasons — has gone horribly wrong.

It has become a blight on the great Canadian game, which is often rendered a punch line because of delays and cheesy calls.

The unintended consequences of allowing coaches to challenge calls have included obvious manipulation of the rules and a perception issue that undermines the myriad good things that are happening in the professional version of three-down football.

Early in the 2017 season, the league has treated fans to some classic games — exciting sporting spectacles that should carry the conversation pertaining to the CFL. But what often becomes topical? The eye-glazing review procedure and its flaws.

The league should be showcasing a superlative product instead of subjecting people to, uh, this …

B. MITCHELL Completed Pass to M. MCDANIEL, caught at S30 (31 yds, 0 YAC), Tackle: S. WILLIAMS, PLAY REVIEWED (Coach): Overturned, B. MITCHELL Incomplete Pass intended for M. MCDANIEL at S30, PLAY REVIEWED (Coach): Overturned, Penalty: Pass Interference, Defence called on Saskatchewan (S. WILLIAMS) (26 yds.) – Enforced From C49, CHALLENGE #1: Saskatchewan challenged for an incomplete pass. CHALLENGE #2: Calgary challenged for DPI.

The previous paragraph — the definition of convolution — is excerpted from the statistical summary of Saturday’s game between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the host Calgary Stampeders.

There was a challenge, followed by a challenge, with the concomitant challenge being to somehow remain conscious.

The aforementioned scenario unfolded early in Saturday’s game, destroying any momentum that could have been created. It set the tone for a generally ghastly spectacle — the last thing the gate-driven CFL can afford or should condone.

Instead of football, there are coaches scouring video on tablets, trying to find an example of illegal contact that is far removed from the play. In fact, this has become a science, as Roughriders head coach and general manager Chris Jones asserted on Tuesday.

After being asked about whether the early reviews took the steam out of Saturday’s game, Jones pointed to Calgary’s strategies and opined that the Stampeders take advantage of the video-review process.

“They’ve got a lot of double moves built into their offence,? Jones said. “With the rules set up like they are, their receivers are looking for contact coming out of the double move so that they can go and get the review. I’ve been looking at what they do and you see how quickly they go to the challenge flag, so they know that there’s contact going to be created.

“If that’s the way that we’re going to officiate the games, and with the fact that if a defensive player has position and there’s contact made (a penalty could ensue), then we’re going to have to do the same thing. We’re going to build it into our offence and unfortunately our game will turn into a challenge-fest.?

Is this really productive?

“It’s not really my place to say whether I agree or whatever, because all the stuff that we have has been voted on,? Jones responded. “That’s the league’s place to decide what they want to do.

“But with us, and I can only speak for this football team, if that’s the way that it’s going to be officiated, then we’re going to have to do the same thing. We’re going to have to put a double move on Naaman (Roosevelt). It’s a high-profile guy getting contacted and then we know when to pull our flag out, also. That’s just the way the game is headed.?

It should be noted that Jones has benefited handsomely from having the option to challenge.

Late in the 2015 Grey Cup game, Jones — then the Edmonton Eskimos’ head coach — threw a challenge flag and maintained that the Ottawa Redblacks were guilty of pass interference. The challenge was successful, resulting in a 37-yard advance that set up the game-winning touchdown.

“It helped win us a Grey Cup,? Jones noted. “Had we not had the challenge, you don’t know if we win that game or not. But just looking at it moving forward, if that is their thought — have a double move built in to gain contact — that’s really pretty ingenious, so we’re going to try to incorporate that and copy it.

“I don’t have to look at five receivers. I can look at one guy where the double move is and if it’s contact after five, it’s a pretty easy call.?

This, too, should be a no-brainer: Ashcan the challenges.

I know it's Jones and all, and that the Riders were totally outclassed by the Stamp regardless of this, and it's far from just a Calgary thing, most do it, but this pretty much sums up what it has come to, and so many of us that gather for games are just down right tired of it. There are guys in our group that have been 45 year lifers of this league that just don't care anymore with this going on game after game after................................. They prefer to stay at home with the wife, having liver and onions, listening to reruns of Oprah discussing how men just don't show enough emotion in their relationships........, well you get the picture.

If teams are designing plays now to create an opportunity to throw a challenge flag , the cfl needs to take a serious look at dumping the whole challenge thing. Or penalize the team if they conclude that the interference was caused by offensive player, which you should be able to see if said player is making multiple moves when making their cuts.

Yes they are ... you can see it.