when can we get a coach who knows how to chalenge a call throw the bleeping flag

The loss can be handed directly to the coaching staff with an assist by a defense that couldn’t stop a Lingerie team!

Agreed, and when can we get refs to not make mistakes. This goes in the "what was he thinking" catalog

Fire him, he’s useless

2nd and 25 yards to go, he throws a swing pass

however, we also got jobbed on the push off and face mask penalty in the first half resulting in a touchdown.

we held them to 3. the way they were moving the ball, they probably would have gotten 3 at the least.

Coach says, from his angle it looked like a catch. So what, challenge it anyway!!!

Someone upstairs has to be in Cortez's ear screaming to challenge that for this exact reason. Cortez has a terrible vantage point from the sidelines.

Does anyone know the name of the coach who is in the spotter's box?

Cannot blame Cortez from where he is located, and he does not have the TV.

What kind of boobs do we have as assistant coaches?

If it was called incomplete they would have punted the ball no points and with the amount of time left why not throw the flag even if you think it was a catch by his view the camera never lies and if you failed you would have given your dfence a chance to get a breather

Bingo! Whoever's in the booth has both a good vantage point and access to instant replays. The second they see something close like that, they need to check out what really happened on the play asap.

was it not first down?

No. That was a first down play.

QB Coach Sams and LB Coach Zamberlin. With our D on the field, the first responsibility for watching the replay, if it was fed to their booth as it should have been, I expect would fall to Sams, as the defensive coach should be concentrating on the next play.

Oh, and while I'm at the keyboard, I'm throwing the flag to challenge this thread on the grounds that the title is misspelled.

Deep anger after the no challenge flag.Gearge what the hell are you doing?

I don't recall many booth reviews? Is that permitted in this case?

TSN's camera coverage is not very good in that stadium. Was the replay put up in time for the spotters to see if it was a catch or not so that a challenge could be mounted. Not sure. The refs were way off tonight. Sadly most bad calls against the cats including phantom catch and phantom face mask penalty.

Sadly, we still had the lead all the defense had to do was stop them. Oh I forgot, this is the Hamilton defense I am talking about. Hamilton has not had a defense for 6 years or more.


the TSN showed and discussed the drop on the replay at least twice before the snap on next play.

Huge, costly mistake.

That's flat out incompetence, especially since this has already happened this season.

Frankly, right now, this team is once again, an embarrassing joke.

If you are talking on the big screen in the statdium, then yes, the coverage is not good because the video guy would never show a replay like that.

There should be TVs with TSN on in the booth and there should be little delay. There was more than enough time to see it and then call down and throw the flag.

"Is that what that yellow thing is for???"

Maybe he has a cold? He doesn’t really want anyone to touch it so it just stays in his back pocket waiting until he sneezes. :smiley: