Chain Pizza

Not sure about across Canada but in greater Vancouver we have 5 main chains.

My favorite of these is Panago, specially their Tropical Hawaiian.
Next is Boston. I have liked them for decades although I think sometime lately they might have cheapened their cheese. Prices are too high but I like it anyhow.
Next is Pizza Hut. Often too greasy but still ok taste.
Then there is Little Ceasars. Ok cheap pizza.
Last is Dominoes which we do not like at all.

There are lots of individual places that make great pizza. My overall favorite Pizza comes from one of them. Place called Peperoni Pizza.

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For chains where I am i'd have to say pizzahut (not greasy here)
Then probably Pappa Johns followed by Dominos
Little ceasars here is just pizza flavored cardboard just a shade better tasting than the box they put it in

...years and years ago when my fiance then wife and I lived in Regina (before children) we used to go to Western Pizza a lot...really decent food and a family run business...

...last year my wife found a flyer tucked under her windshield wiper for a place called Western Pizza not that far away from our place here in Calgary, the menu looked really good so we called to order from them one night, my wife told the guy on the end of the phone about our love for the WP in Regina and turns out this one in Calgary is owned by the son of the guy who owned the one in Regina...small world..we order from him now exclusively...

Best pizza I ever had is from Lombardos in a little mall , corner of Commercial drive and 1st ave. Now run by the kids and still great. I swing by there whenever in Vancouver.

I was in Moose Jaw a few years ago and they have (had?) a GREAT independent pizza joint there but cannot remember the name.

We have a rough time getting pizza in my house..none of us like the same thing. My wife wants that thin crust and I like the regular crust then don't get started with the toppings then theres youngsters here that only like cheese pizzas ...we can never just order 1 can become a chore and expensive to get what everyone likes.

There is one great place in St. Augustine here in Florida that has great pizza we stop by there alot they have the best pizza sauce ....wish I could remember the name

...sambo lives in MJ, maybe he can name it...

Haha...ya we had that trouble too. Then we had a rotation. Whoever was up in the rotation it was their call. Period with NO whining. Pretty soon we realized that good pizza makers make good pizza regardless. Boxes always got emptied pretty quick.

Do the same when a group gets together to watch football. Especially Monday nighters.