Chad Owens

I just feel like reinforcing this point. Before I do, though, I will fully admit that Chad Owens had a spectacular night against us in our game, and I take no shame in this defeat. The Argos played like a winning team should.

However, one stellar performance by Chad Owens shouldn't be having us look back at the trade as some sort of terrible mistake. Like discipline said, our receiving corps is one we take pride in, and there isn't much room to be adding in new players. Richardson, Bratton, Watkins, Cahoon, Cobourne, and now Green this year have all shown and proven themselves why they're worth their spot on the team. Simply because the Argos have used him well, this doesn't mean he would have met the same success with the Als. Trestman could well have been hesitant to use him, especially knowing the success Green has had, which has only solidified his position on our team.

I'm glad that Chad Owens is with the Argonauts, because he's doing well with them, and he's realizing his potential, which I would hope for out of any player in the CFL. But we have a solid team, and we've shown it numerous times before. One loss isn't going to sway me from thinking that. As all teams do, we occasionally fail to execute. When it happens, you simply need to put it behind you, and think about the next one. And that's exactly what the Argos set out to do. They didn't want revenge. They wanted a win.

But we'll get 'em back. We've got two more games with our Eastern rivals. We'll show 'em who the real Beasts of the East are. :wink:

I tuned the Argo- Peg just in time to see Chad Owens take a missed FG 108 yards for the touchdown that meant fini for the Bombers. In addition, he hauled in a long pass to get an important first down. From the beginning of the season to the present, Chad Owens has been exceptional returning kicks and FG missed attempts for the Argos. While the Argos have such an inadequate QB, Chad Owens and Cory Boyd have been the offensive stars for them and, along with the defensive team, have been responsible for the Argos return to a winning ways. Chad Owens leads the league in kick returning with 1,093 yards, leads in missed FG returns with 365 yards and also in total return yards of 2407. These stats do not include today's performance. In addition, he has rushed for 11 yards and had has 562 receiving yards. Owens has excelled this season. Wittness the latter part of today's game where Peg did everything they could to avoid kicking to CO. Owens and Boyd are both having MVP seasons.

Mr Popp, I guess you might know by now that" a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." In the horrible trading away of Owens to To, you have made a monstrous trade that has to be equal with the other debacle the Als made in the 60's,
when they traded Hal Patterson to Hamilton for Don Paquette. Both trades were monumental errors and, will be recorded in the teams history as catastrophes. Owens is a tough, strong and exceptional athlete who might have made his winning ways excell with the Als!!!!!

If you think that's bad...try this:

Chad Owens - Corey Boyd - Adrian McPherson

Can you say Grey Cup?

Agree in 2/3, Senior. As to AD, we have yet to see consistent performance simply because he has not had an opportunity to play on a regular basis; the other two have provided that. I sincerely hope we get to see AD do his thing on a regular basis. Are you hinting at a potential trade in the off season???? We'll see.

Chad Owens just "showed flashes of brilliance" in one meaningless game against the Argos last season.
Nevertheless....while I had every hope the coaching staff etc knew what they were doing when they got rid of Owens...and that Maypray would live up to the hype...I knew immediately that Owens was something special. I'm sure the same goes for anyone else that saw the game.

I've had he same feeling about McPherson every time he's had a real chance to take some snaps. I agree...the only thing sporadic about his talent has been when he's come in in "junk time" when the team's up by 30 with 5 minutes to go and "under orders" to hand the ball off...or when the Als are down by so much everyone's already written the game off. The only exception was his first start...against which he played well...but the defense went "belly up" against the combined genius of Mike Kelley and Michael Bishop. Otherwise...and judging from his performance in "real game" experience when the game actually meant something to the team...he's been nothing less than brilliant.

But that's kind of the point. Those parameters encompass exactly one game. When McPherson came into that Hamilton game last year to replace Calvillo with a banged up calf muscle...the stats flashed on the screen were Comp:3 Att:6 YDS:11 TD:2 INT:0. It doesn't take a great genius to see immediately that the Alouettes should find more time for their backup.

But from the comments I've read on this and other seems to require some special sense to see greatness even when it's staring one in the face. Chad Owens showed immediately IMO that he was replete with such qualities...Corey Boyd did too...and so does McPherson every time he has a sensible chance to shine.

If Toronto ever gets their hands on him,...the combination of those three brilliant players will make the Argonauts a powerhouse team for years to come. Barker needs that one element to complete his task....appropriately named Lemon notwithstanding. That's all I'm hinting at. Looking around the league...the only team that isn't stacked at quarterback or developing their own talent is the Argos. We've already lost to them once this year. Just imagine how it will feel as AD takes his vengeance on a team that barely gave him a shot before getting rid of him.

The Chad Owens "monstrous trade that has to be equal with the other debacle the Als made in the 60's" will pale in comparison. Mark my words.

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Please don't blame the coaching staff/Marc Trestman if Chad Owens is no longer with the Als; hence, 2 days before the end of 2010 training camp, Marc told Herb that Chad Owens had been chosen to replace Larry Taylor; a day or so later he was released/suspended then traded to the Argos for a 4th round choice in the 2011 draft choice.

The only person to blame for this blunder "monumental" is Jim Popp. He played "hard ball" with Chad, thinking that he would accept a salary decrease. He tried to "screw" Chad by a $1,000 or no more than $1,500 a game,thinking that Chad would accept that. He refused,eventhouh Marc tried to convince him to accept the proposed salary decrease. Chad called Jim Popp "bluff" and Jim Popp had no choice but to let him go.

We had this player on the practice roster from July 2009 to November 2009,except for 1 game,and Jim Popp tried to "deprive" this excellent player off between $1,000 and $1,500 a game. Cheap! Jim Popp preferred to keep Maypray at minimum salary rather than keep Chad Owens at rougly $60,000 for 18 games. I guess Jim Popp tried and keep trying to "squeeze" a few thousands from players,in order to pay for his excessive raise.

Afer 16 games, Chad Owens has 2407 combined return yards; last year,the best was Larry Taylor at 1,971 for 18 games. Owens is much better than Taylor and hardly fumbles,compared to Taylor.

If the Argos were to reach the final and beat us, I hope that Chad Owens will be one of the reasons. Make Jim Popp regret,although he is too "orgueilleux" pour admettre son erreur.


Well, despite trades and blunders, monumental though they may be. a team has to pick itself up by the bootstraps and solider on. Trades, draft picks, rookie signings, player development...etc. are always a bit of a "crap shoot" even with an extremely talented player. He may go out, look good, and sustain an injury which prevents him from ever achieving his true potential.

When the Als are on their game, I don't believe there's any team in the league that can stop them. The question this season, however, is which Als teams shows up on game day?


Honestly, I don't understand why everyone is complaining so much about the trade. It was a blunder, that much is obvious, but it's in the past now, and complaining about it certainly won't get Chad Owens to come back to Montreal. Rather than looking at what a monumental error it was, we should be looking at the options that we have in front of us NOW. Larry Taylor's back, and he did us a lot of good last year. He could very well repeat his success, and we'll have already forgotten about Owens. Well you make a mistake, you just have to learn from it and move on.

Si on compare la quantité de bons coups faits par Popp à la quantité de ses mauvais coups, je ne crois pas qu'on peut se plaindre de son travail.

En ce qui concerne Owens, il s'est peinturé dans le coin et n'a pas eu le choix de prendre cette mauvaise décision.

D'un autre côté, je suis loin d'être certain qu'Owens aurait connu la saison qu'il a eue avec les Alouettes. Je crois qu'il se serait fait enterrer au moins 9 fois sur 10 et qu'au mieux, il aurait gagné le quart des gains qu'il a fait avec Toronto sur les retours de bottés tant nos unités spéciales sont pourries sur les couvertures de bottés. Quand on voit 7 chandails adverses sur notre retourneur avant même qu'il ait capté le ballon, ça dit tout.

Thanks for clearing up the specifics of the "blunder".
We all remember Trestman expressing his surprise at the move.
While I agree that Owens' returning ability outreaches even Larry Taylor's
What struck me...even from that one game he played....meaningless as it was...was his focus and desire.
If anything is lacking with the's that lack of grit...the ability to "get nasty" on every play.
With their inspirational player like Owens could have supplied that much needed ingredient.

But as another has remarked...he's gone so no point in milking the spill.
While I and I'm sure other Als fans didn't know the details of the Owens can be sure the players did.
It speaks to my previously elaborated contention that when you "go cheap" following a Grey Cup sends a bad message to the team in general...and certainly to the squad affected. Special teams has never recovered...and I'm now certain that I understand the lack of effort on returns.

It would be nice to think that the return of Larry Taylor will turn it all around...but the truth good Owens return and we'll be back to "kicking ourselves" for the one that got away.


This is a post some will not like. I just reviewed the Top 10 Finishes Video. One of these items featured Chad Owens catching a throw for a two point convert and an Argo win. This was just another late item which wittnesses how bad Popp's horrible decision was to give this player to Toronto. In observing this 2 point catch [ april 2011 ] this is my final point of evidence pointing to Popp's horrible error which, is as reminder of Perry Moss's idiocy in the trading of Hal Patterson for Don Pauquette!

Doctor Kevorkian 905 666-3949

What the %$#@ is that supposed to mean?

...and while I agree with Niagra about the boneheaded-ness of the Chad Owens debacle...
I fear the shrewish frugality that led to the departure of Avon Cobourne will be the crowning "gorey" of Jim Popp's career.
The way things are going...and considering his new contract...we might be better off if he replaces Trestman as head coach.

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You think you can do a better job than Jim Popp ? Even after being proven a fool with your drama regarding Adrian McPherson leaving and your whinning about Marc Trestman doing logistics from his home, now you bring back Chad Owens.

Yet had Jim signed Owens for the money he wanted and had no money left to extend Adrian you would have been even more of a drama queen.

How someone can criticise the work of a GM who's record over 14 years is around .675 is so nutty it is funny. Your not a football fan. Als fans have ZERO right to knock this football team. Sorry.

And anyone who believes that is a fool...pure and simple.
Thinking for oneself is a God-Given right.
It cannot, should not be forsaken under any circumstances.
If my team....which I love so much...or any member of that team...falters or stumbles, through no fault of their own, in good faith and while trying their level best...I will defend and back them forever.
Which is why I feel so strongly about what happened to Cobourne.

The team and particularly Popp were weasely and underhanded...attempting to exploit statistics and on-field circumstances, most of which were due to conscious efforts by management...that almost cost the career of our starting cheap one of the most loyal and steadfast players it has been my pleasure to watch.
And this at a time when he and his family were expecting their first child...and hoping and preparing for a long future with a club to which Avon Cobourne had given so much.

The lack of insight is one thing...Cobourne will be sorely missed on this team.
But it's the calamitous lack of loyalty to a true Alouettes hero that should have everyone incensed.
No doubt the players haven't missed that nuance

While it's certainly everyone's right to determine who's been "proven a fool" or not
There's no doubt that most in Montreal....and obviously the Alouettes in general have come to realize what I've known from the start: That Adrian McPherson is a future quarterback phenom. The fact that the Alouettes didn't sign him gave him the opportunity to try out with an NFL team. Had things gone the other way....oh you'd be hearing some shouting about it...
Andrew Hawkins flying the coop would be nothing in comparison

It comes as a note of warning:
McPherson needs to get some playing time
The last few seasons have been ludicrous
As I've pointed out on many occasions
If he doesn't get it...he will leave
It's not a prediction...simple logic

If that makes me a fool in your eyes...then so be it
Va savoir...c'est un miroir

As far as Marc Trestman doing logistics from his home
I've never mentioned any such thing
now you bring back Chad Owens
No...Niagra did...I was just agreeing in a general way
That Popp has his brain-farts
That they've happened a lot last 2 years
Point made

And yes...I do think I could do a better job than Jim Popp
Certainly never would have let Cobourne get can bet on that

It isn't brain farts, they are business decisions. You have 45 guys on a football team who look at every move a GM does. Even if Jim wanted to pay Owens what he was asking, what does Jim say to SJ Green who's been working his butt off for four years when he walks in the office and asks did you give Owens 35 grand more than I make ?

Owens had proven nothing and was offered a salary in line with the job offered. Its that simple. Trestman said himself he wanted Owens to start as a returner but you can't overpay a guy at the expense of his teammates, its a sure fire way to destroy a locker room, cause players talk.

As far as Avon, the Ticats may have over paid and Obilovich's contracts are not worth the paper it is written on, ask Kenton Keith, Casey Printers, Sandro DeAngelis, Adriano Belli, Deandra Cobb, Nick Setta and on and on, but when your offerec 90k more over three years it is tempting. I'm not sure Avon has 3 years left as a primo running back. I hope he does but I am not convinced. Also i think Cobb and Anderson do more for the als than Cobourne, Vann.

At least wait and see what the team looks like on the field.

L'âpreté de ces échanges me désole beaucoup. Mais au moins, ils sont articulés, contrairement à ce qu'on retrouve sur les site de l'ancien club de Ray Lalonde.

Je suis d'accord avec HfxTC que nous devrions voir ce que l'équipe fera sur le terrain avant de paniquer. Les Alouettes ont donné un joueur marquant en Owens, mais il n'avait jusque là rien fait de si extraordinaire pour croire qu'il réussirait à courir sur la ligue de cette façon. Également, si Owens a été très impressionnant avec les Argonauts, je ne crois pas qu'il l'aurait été autant avec des Alouettes sans entraîneur des unités spéciales, et sans schémas de blocage un tant soit peu efficaces. Maypray aurait peut-être fait mieux avec les Argonauts que Owens avec les Alouettes si les rôles s'étaient inversés.

On peut critiquer cette décision, mais avant de voir le mondre s'écrouler sous les souliers des Alouettes, voyons donc dans quelle situation l'équipe se trouve. Les Alouettes demeurent l'équipe à battre et la référence par laquelle les autres équipes déterminent leur propre qualité. Calvillo joue ses meilleures années et les personnes qui sont venues en relève aux vétérans qui se sont retirés ont jusqu'à maintenant livré la marchandise avec un bel aplomb. La tertiaire des Alouettes sera résolument améliorée avec la venue d'Anderson, et l'équipe se retrouvera avec tant de nouveaux prospects intéressants qu'il fera mal au coeur d'en laisser partir autant. Les jeunes des Alouettes ont pris beaucoup de maturité et Richardson s'est imposé comme un leader positif au sein de cette équipe, tout comme John Bowman et Étienne Boulay.

Je ne vois donc pas de raison de paniquer à ce stade-ci. Si Popp n'est pas parfait, il faut admettre qu'il est presque parfait. À mon sens, il demeure un des plus grands directeurs-généraux de toute l'existence de cette ligue, et le nombre de ses bons coups éclipse de loin ceux où il s'est enfargé.

Lorsque nous saurons ce à quoi cette édition ressemblera et ce qu'elle donnera sur le terrain, nous pourrons être soit critiques, soit ravis, soit les deux en même temps. D'ici là, bien des choses peuvent arriver.

Pour revenir à McPherson, il a eu un retour au jeu éclatant l'an dernier, mais il a été moins brillant par la suite. Il est clair qu'il peut jouer dans cette ligue, mais il lui faudra s'imposer comme un quart qui ne se laisse pas abattre lorsqu'il tire de l'arrière. C'est cette attitude que je voudrais voir surgir de lui. Je l'ai vue de Santos en relève à Leak dans une situation perdue d'avance. J'aimerais aussi la voir de McPherson.

Pour finir avec Owens, si son échange peut être perçu comme une gaffe de Popp, il demeure qu'il n'a pas permis aux Argonauts de renverser les Alouettes lorsque ça comptait.

In the playoffs, when it mattered, Chad Owens did squat, Tim Maypray returned a punt for a TD, and we thrashed the Argos in a game in which the outcome was decided by halftime. I really don't understand why people are still complaining about the Owens trade. Hfx has already gone over why it would have been bad business and bad for the locker room to overpay an unproven KR. To his points, I'll only add: today's star returner could well be tomorrow's Dominique Dorsey. Kick returner is a very volatile position. Using Owens's one great season as the basis for claiming that we made some sort of catastrophic error is a bit of an overreaction. One thing we've seen over the years is that Jim Popp has a knack for bringing in quality talent at KR. Over the years, we've had Winston October, Keith Stokes, Ezra Landry, Larry Taylor, and Chad Owens. What exactly makes us think that Owens is some sort of irreplaceable mega-star? One great season with a rival team? Let's retain some perspective here.