Chad Owens

Did the Al's make a mistake in letting him go, or did they know that Maypray can do the same job for less money. Thoughts?

Owens isn't going to be returning missed FGs for touchdowns every week. He's a good player but we'll survive his loss. Maypray has also broken off a kick return for a TD.

Je crois tout de même que pour les retours de bottés, on a laissé partir le meilleur qu'on avait pour remplacer Taylor. Maypray a très bien joué aussi, ce qui montre que ce n'est pas une tragédie. Mais on voit qu'il n'a pas tout à fait autant d'instinct pour cette fonction. Il sera intéressant de le voir évoluer : après tout, c'est une recrue.

Owens peux espere jouer comme cinquieme receveur a Toronto, a MONTREAL, Il se retrouvait 7ieme receveur...

Si Popp avait accepter qu'il garde son salaire de partant, ca aurait possiblement cause des problemes avec d'autres joueurs qui ont accepte de restructurer leurs salaires pour garder l'equipe intacte. Des gars comme Lambert, Cahoon, Spencer...

food for thought. NFL camps start in a few weeks.
While reports say Taylor has a good chance, there is also a chance he could be let go.
If that happens, he could end up back with the Als.

I have been very impressed with Chad Owens! He is not only an ace return specialist but, as wittnessed by the last Argo game he is an excellant receiver. In 09 Trestman, attepting to utilize Larry Taylor's speed, inserted him into the offensive squad. Trestman learned, however, that LT could not catch the ball, and the experiment failed. Larry Taylor had one weakness as a return specialist, he fumbled more than expected for a player in his position. This was illustrated in the Grey Cup game when the coach pulled LT and, gave the return game to Bratton for fear of a fumble. { Bratton actually fumbled but that was aside the point }. With this line of thinking one can conclude that the coach made a wrong decision when he gave the return game to LT and kept Chad Owens on the non-active squad. If we would have had Chad Owens this season we would have had Chad Owens as a return man but, also as one giving the team more speed in the offensive team. Chad Owens would have been active as a receiver also. Maypray looks good to date- he can play several positions and, could possibly see some action in the offensive team. I would not be too excited with the return of LT should he be dropped by the NFL.

In tonights game, Chad Owens demonstrated his skill as a receiver with two long touchdowns. He caught for 168 yards and beat all the Als coverage throughout the game. He also was very good at kick returning. Looking back, I believe our team overlooked a splendid and quick athlete. The Als have been looking for a speedy and effective kick returner who can bring his speed to the receiver position. Larry Taylor was not that person and Maypray is the kick returner but, to date is not the speedy receiver who can catch long. He is a small back with speed but, as happened tonight I wonder he is big enough and has the strength required in the CFL.Owens is short but he is tough sturdy and very strong. Tonight he caught in excess of 150 yards. With Germaine Copeland`s possible serious injury, I would look to Owens to indeed step up his skill at receiver and become the Agros best receiver. He was great at Hawaii and is now effective with Toronto. Bring on Hawkins!!

Definitely a bad trade by Jim Popp. I could not/ can't understand why we did trade-should say gave- the player that the Head Coach had identified,by the end of training camp,as the winner for return specialist.

I am sure that Jim Popp wanted to play "hard ball" with this player and asked him to accept a salary cut; he -JIm Popp- certainly felt that Chad Owens would say yes,in order to remain with the Als. He refused and Jim Popp had no other choice than to release him or trade him; he traded to the Argos,for a fourth round choice in the 2011 CFL draft. Basically a gift.

I don't buy the "excuse' of the salary cap; don't tell me that in order to not exceed the maximum of the 2010 cap-$4,250,000-
we had to cut/trade Chad Owens in order to save maybe $1,000 a game; if you wanted to save/reduce costs, he -Jim Popp- should have released O.J.Santiago who,I am positive, makes much more that Chad Owens would have. What does the 36 years old rookie Santiago brings to the Als?. Penalties?

Compared with some players on the Als roster,don't tell me that Brian Bratton or Tom Maypray is better than Chad Owens. After 7 games, Chad Owens leads the CFL in combined yards,i,e, 1,197 yards,including 292 receiving; Brian Bratton has 462,including 242 in receiving; Tim Maypray has 870,including 7 in receiving. We gave a future star.


I like your comments Richard. Santiago has yet to show receiving skills from the tight end position and , one wonders if he is indeed worth his salary.? Never the less I would like to see him in action to see if he is worth the $ he is paid.

You can't keep everyone and the Als chose to keep Green or Bratton in their receiver set over Owens and I can appreciate that. Bratton came on strong and was a big part of our Grey Cup win. Green has size over Owens and was prepared to commit to the team. Owens has a big family and Hawai is not next door, he took a gamble and it looks like its going to pay off for him :thup:

2nd round pick for an import isn't exactly nothing. Won't be as good as predicted but still will be a top 12 pick.


A 4th round pick and not a 2nd for Chad Owens.


I was actually thinking that Chad Owens could have replaced Taylor last year or Maypray this year. Owens last night showed his skill at both receiver and returner. My thinking was influenced by Treatman attempting to get more speed at receiver by using, occasionally, the speed of the teams ace kick returner. If we had Chad Owens, he would not necessarily have replaced Greene nor Bratton but would have accomplished exactly what Trestman was attempting to do. Owens would have added ,to an already potent group of receivers, yet another player with blazing speed and strength.


We are an established, mature team with a number of players on sizeable contracts, starting obviously with Calvillo. Outside of Jermaine Copeland, nobody on the Argos is really in a position to command top dollar. They have far more flexibility than we do and could afford to take on Owens at the salary he wanted. Did Popp make a mistake? Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell. But this is an SMS world. We already lost Keron Williams because he priced himself out of our range. If cap were available, I'm sure we would have used it to sign him, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that we didn't have space for Owens.

As regards Chad Owens, a fantastic night indeed - no arguments about that. However, what makes any player great is consistency. Any individual player can go crazy on a given night and rack up unbelievable stats. That could be attributable to the opposing D coaches not reacting well enough, skill, or, shall I say it? - a "little bit of luck".

There is no doubt about Owens' skill. Let's see how he evolves this season and if he is inserted into the O team how many touches he gets, passes he receives, and how well he performs under these conditions, week in, week out. This may have been a breakout game for him, but there are still 11 games to go.

As a person much older, I am sure, I am not as computer literate as most of you! I don't know what LOL or IMO means and, I don't know how to provide you with the sports report in today's Toronto Star [ sports ] which has a feature on Chad Owens. But you can easily look this up yourself. I do know football however and, have attended Alouette games going back to 1953 when the games were played at Delormier Downs- the site of the baseball tripple A baseball team- the old Montreal Royals- a Brooklin Dodger farm team. I attended baseball games when Jackie Robinson was the first black man to play professional ball.

In this article the reporter writes that Chad Owens was considered to be a kick returner only and as such Popp decided to cut his salary. But the Als did not know of Ownes' receiving skills and and made a great error in sending him to Toronto. In the Toronto Star it notes that Owens is a lot more than just a kick returner. He did make one 49 yard kick return and, with his receiving made 168 yards in total. In my opinion, The Als made the mistake by not keeping him as their receiver. I won't repeat my other blogs.........

For Niagara, I hear you about "chat room" language, but to help, I will provide the following:

LOL - laughing out loud, a "chat room" way to express laughter, either as a reaction to a joke or in derision.
IMO - in my opinion

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Oy. We did not have room for Owens as more than a kick returner. With Richardson, Green, Bratton, Watkins, Cobourne (as a receiver), and Cahoon, where is the room for Owens in our offensive packages other than for a handful of plays, as with Taylor last year? Toronto has a bunch of no-names at receiver apart from Copeland; obviously they're in a better position to give Owens his touches at receiver and pay him accordingly.

Jim has built a stellar receiving corps and he's loyal to his players, who have proven a helluva lot more over many more years than Chad Owens.