Chad Owens vs Tim Mayprey

A few things:

Yes, you're right that it's the nature of the game. However, it's less common for the org to part ways with an in-house product like Bratton who's been with the team for three (four?) years now and who's still not even in his physical prime. It's one thing to cut a PR / backup body like Samuels, quite another to release probably our most underrated receiver last season (and boy was he ever clutch in the playoffs) in favor of an unproven player (Owens). If you cut Bratton to keep Owens, you don't know at the time of your decision whether Owens will even be a good fit as the fourth receiver in Trestman's West Coast offense, where timing and familiarity with the playbook and the QB are essential. I believe this is part of why Jim Popp tries to maintain continuity in our receiving corps: to keep our offense running smoothly.

Also, if you're going to make that move, you should cut Bratton well before training camp, not on the eve of the regular season when teams have set their rosters and he's unlikely to catch on anywhere else. That's the kind of move that does create ill will in the locker room IMO.

All this is moot. Onwards and upwards. Leroy Vann plays his first game tomorrow. With any luck (and some decent blocking) it'll be "Chad Who-wens?"

And it'll be Chad Owens who'll be longing for a team where 90% of his runbacks aren't called back on holding and illegal blocking calls...if he isn't already.

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Hmmm! I find it amusing when comparing one athlete to another. Certain team sports like hocky, basketball, soccer, rely heavily on their “stars” to perform accordingly. Whenever they turn in a lousy performance, it usually means the team is heading for a L.

Football, on the other hand, may see the regular stars not giving a stellar performance, but others - on D, special teams, a trick play… may pull off something that gets the W. It is true that most of us posting on this forum have been underwhelmed by the O this year. However, and considering that they were “lucky” in a few games (the first Als-Esks meeting comes immediately to mind), they are still in first place. I hope they can remain there and get a bye for the playoffs.

I’ll settle for a W, no matter who comes up big.

Go Als go!

Bratton has had some drops this season, but he certainly has been an underrated contributor to the Als passing game and to the running game with his sweeps.
But some time it comes down to choices, such as releasing a T.J. Hill in favor of moving Cox to LB.
I also think that this also comes down to only 2 pre-season games for coaches to make decisions. When I started following the Als there were 4 pre-season games as well as an intra-squad game. And returners can only really be judged in game conditions.

On the few end-around plays he has been used, Bratton got us some good yards. I think that play is a keeper. They could, or course, try someone else on that play.

My opinion from day 1 to the present remains the same. I rest my case!!!

I'd like to see Andrew Hawkins in on that play. That's assuming Hawkins is as much a part of the regular receiving corps as Bratton has been....and not a "one-play wonder" tipping defenses off by his very presence that the ball's going to him.

The Alouettes have tried that with several kick returners. It worked about twice with Larry Taylor in the beginning of last season...then the league caught on. That's why the addition of Vann is so important IMO. Not only does it free Hawkins from some of his return duties, but if Vann can match him on coverage teams, we might start seeing Andrew Hawkins in a more creative role on offense...and not just on those end-around/sweeps that Bratton's been so special with.

If Hawkins can spread the defense as an outside threat..and create some worry on the long ball....that's two "problems" solved right there.

Vann Who?

Patience, folks. That was Vann's first game as an Alouette and Hawkins is still trying to find his groove. The blocking on punts needs to get a whole lot better no matter who's returning kicks.


It was a rockim sockim kind of game...the Bombers were flying all over the field.
Try to imagine that as your first game in the CFL

Vann had 1 bobble/fumble..self-recovered.
After that he seemed to do all right
Considering the Winnipeg coverage teams were pumped all game

What I find far more worrying, even than our blocking on returns
Is our coverage teams.
I know we're missing Walter Spencer
...but you'd think that would be enough incentive to

Wake Up!!!

Vann a montré de belles qualités, compte tenu de la faible protection dont il a bénéficié. Il n'a pas fait mieux que les autres, mais il n'a pas fait pire non plus.

Lorsqu'il a eu une chance de s'exprimer, par contre, on a vu que le gars peut décoller sur un dix cents. Soyons patients, on a peut-être un petit bijou entre les mains.

I have just watched the TO Sask game- a good first half for the Argos but unfortunately Bell's inexperience showed in the second, and his turnover was the final nail in the Argos coffin. One of the two standouts for the Argos was Chad Owens who had some super kick returns and, caught a pass or two which demonstrated his standout effort. The Als counter player Maypray was subpar { not helped by his blockers ] who has speed but lacks the strength to make his own holes. On the other hand Owens has the strength to do so. He has a tatoo on his arm which does identify his self perception as " mighty mouse" which is very correct. To quote from the Toronto Star-" he is a quick returner Chad Owens who racked up 300 yards in returns and came close to breaking a couple for TDs. Its becoming apparent thay unless Owens does provide a touchdown, the Argo defense simply isn't good enough to win games". Owens has become a star in the league while the unfortunate Als are still struggling in the k return area. In the Calgary game Maypray was not up to the task and, I believe Vann should get another full shot at this position perhaps helped by Brian Bratton who, in the last Grey Cup game, showed the and power to last through SASK's defenders.

the last sentence should read " has the speed and power to blast through Sasks defenders.