Chad Owens vs Tim Mayprey

With his punt return today for a TD, I think this consolodates my earlier opinion that Owens is more effective than Maypray in returning punts. Owens has 472 yards returned for an average of 11.2 yard per run. Maypray has returned punts at 257 yarda for an average of 8.5 yards. Maypray might be a little faster but Owens appears stronger and, best able to plow through the approaching defenders. Owens's long punt return long punt today will just make his yardage only more evident.

Diamond Ferri vs Tim Maypray

Maypray was simply solid.
Diamond Ferri gets one game at kick return and zoingo
So much for "bad blocking"

From what they said on TSN today...getting Leroy Vann onto returns is just a matter of import ratios
That will doubtless be sorted one of these weeks
I doubt we'll hear much about Maypray after that

Ferry has a great game- a long kick return for a TD, an intercepton and a QB sack. Should he be a regular on the kick return team? I would like to see what Vann can do!

Maypray just played himself off the team. When a linebacker schools you on kick returns, you're in trouble. Between Ferri, Hawkins, and LeRoy Vann, I think we're fine at KR.

If I could blow my own horn a tiny bit on this one…
I WAS calling for some tougher kicker returners…guys that could break a tackle or two…
OK…I had Chip Cox in mind. After all…he was the Ohio college record holder in the 40-yard dash…that combined with his nose for the endzone…his love of contact and his instinct for the BIG PLAY seemed to me to make him a natural.
But with all his other duties…coverage teams…and being possibly the most active linebacker in the league…I guess he’s too valuable to add kick returning. Still…you HAD to love that “trick” return he had with Maypray earlier in the season.

All things considered…Diamond Ferri’s a good choice for some of the tougher return assignments, at least until we see what Leroy Vann can do.

As far as Chad Owens is concerned...Dunigan was right on the money. I'm not sure if it's a Hawaiian thing...but Owens is a "tough". That kind of fearless attitude wins a gezillion points in my book. From that first touchdown return of the season, when he leaped over defenders to stretch into the yesterday's kamikaze no yards in a crowd launch....Owens has proven time after time that he'll do anything to win. Look at his face every time he's tackled. It's not like he expects to get into the endzone out of some Bog-given testament to his monumental talent. He simply HATES BEING STOPPED by anyone, anytime.

To paraphrase a source, "Give me a team of players like Chad Owens and this war would be over in a week."

The Alouettes COMPLETELY blew it when they let him go. Hopefully Leroy Vann will redeem that gaff...Jim Popp seems to have a bottomless sack of talent...good thing he's on our side.

Looking at the highlights today I thought that Ferri should get more opportunities to fun back kicks, He is strong and, like Chad Owens, he makes his oun holes busting through his opposition.Speed is not enough-strength makes the man. I gather Owens told his blockers to get more effective and, they responded! I like Bratten in this role also. During our Grey Cup victory he was immense at breaking through tackelers. This season Richardson was his old self. I have come to realize he is, indeed, a slow starter. He was dropping too many passes but looks back to form now! He and Watkins are just about the best duo in the CFL.

I was surfing around and found this video:

For anyone missing Larry Taylor and his magic.

Maybe inspiration for Leroy Vann?

:rockin: :rockin:

No doubt, Taylor and company were very good. Why did we not get the GC that year -the game was in Montreal.

Si on se servait un peu plus de Green, on parlerait d'un trio à faire peur!

Hindsight of course is always 20/20, but I certainly have to agree with Senior that Messrs. Popp and Trestman greatly erred in letting Owens get away. They dont often blow things, but this time they did. I will go so far as to say the Als would be undefeated this season with Owens as returner. Not necessarily for touchdown returns, but for creating valuable field position. If salary was the issue, they should have taken a look at cutting Bratton, harsh as that sounds. A team must constantly try to improve itself rather than relying on the status quo, and playmakers like Owens dont come around often. For some reason Trestman was reluctant to get Owens into the receiver rotation, and Im puzzled as to why. Lets hope Hawkins and Vann can pick up some of the slack.

Lord, folks. Owens wanted more money than we were prepared to give him. Toronto has tons of cap and could afford him. We have to balance our total salary relative to the SMS. You think Toronto is spending anywhere close to the money we're spending just at the quarterback position? AC and AM are not cheap. We have a receiving corps with guys like Cahoon, Watkins, and Richardson all making six figures and veterans all over the team likely making similar amounts (Stewart and Bowman, Estelle, Cobourne, Flory, Lambert). Take a look at Toronto's roster. Who is making big bucks, outside of a handful of players like Copeland, Eiben, and Parker? Answer: little to no one.

If any of you follow hockey, you should know that established teams with winning traditions often lose players to weak-sister franchises because those franchises have the cap space to outbid the established teams for said players. I doubt it's any different in the CFL.

Owens has become a game-breaker in Toronto. Good for him. A competitive Argo team is good for the whole league. But sometimes it seems like we Als fans want to have our cake and eat it all the time. The price we pay for team-wide continuity is less cap flexibility for players who have yet to prove themselves (e.g. Owens prior to the trade). If you want Owens, you can have him. I'll take our QB duo and stable of receivers over Toronto No-Name Central anyday. Popp has never had trouble finding quality kick returners. With Hawkins back in the fold, Vann on the horizon, and Ferri showing that even a linebacker can take it to the house, I think we're in good shape at the KR position.

Watching the Bruins-Canadiens puts me in mind of what happened to Boston last season. Due to salary cap issues they lost Phil Kessel to Toronto. Although basically the same team that was second in league scoring the year before...the loss of Kessel had a dramatic effect on the Bruins goal production...they were close to last in the league.

People have made a point about players being professionals, that emotional concerns shouldn't affect their play. I'd say that team bonding, confidence from the owner right down to the waterboy is the most important factor in team sports. I'm sure we can all think of examples of teams dripping with talent, who for some reason go nowhere. returns has been a hallmark of the Alouettes game...going back to Dickie Harris...but more recently with Ezra Landry and then Larry Taylor. In a defined part of the team character...some players do that with their play.

In that sense, replacing Larry Taylor was more than a matter of instant field position...or a dagger in the heart of the opposition at just the right moment. The ability to wield that weapon "at will" was part of what made the Alouettes what they were. I say were because this simply hasn't been so with Tim Maypray.

I think it had become obvious to Marc Trestman at least that Chad Owens was the guy most likely to fill that role. If memory serves, he expressed his surprise at the release of Owens...not doubt he was counting on something the Alouettes have been leaning on for years. But if you've watched Owens with the Argos, you've noticed that he brings even more to the table. He's one of those emotional dynamos that consistently revs up the engine of any team. I've no doubt he would have done the same for the Alouettes.

While I'm as mystified by the business side of sports as are most fans...I can't help believing the Alouettes simply miscalculated the possible worth of a guy like Owens...untested as he was. Getting rid of Brian Bratton would have been a small price to pay...and believe me, I appreciate everything Brian has done for the team.
Again...I have no idea what it would have taken...but the message it sends to the team, when someone of Owens' obvious gifts is sent packing...preventing that would have been well worth some sacrifices.

And just to drive the nail into the Owens debate: ... story.html

Vann will suit up for Friday's game. Indication is that they'll try him on KRs and maybe use him to give Dix a breather at cornerback.

I'm looking forward to seeing what this young man can do in an Als uni.

Look at the money Toronto threw at Ricky Foley. They essentially outbid BC for his services. I'm telling you, it's just business, not personal, and in an SMS world, sometimes you have to live with letting talented players get away.

And cutting Bratton to accommodate Owens's salary demands would have sent a very poor message to the locker room IMO. In my book, you don't kick a guy to the curb after years in the organization just because you think a new guy may have star potential. Hindsight is 20/20. Sure, it's easy to look back now and lament the fact that we let a game-breaker get away, but if you're Popp and you have to make a decision in training camp, before Owens has done all the wonderful things he's done as an Argo, do you really cut Brian Bratton at a time (after free agency) when he'd be unlikely to catch on with another CFL team?

I like that Popp is loyal to his players. It's part of what makes Montreal an attractive destination for free agents, and what allows us to keep our own talent from hitting free agency.

Discipline: I disagree with your assessment that Chad Owens was too expensive for the Als. This would have been his initial season in the CFL and, without his present fanfare, he [ even with more $ ] would not have expensive- he would have merited a raise from his pay from his practice roster salary last year. You also fail to consider his skill as a receiver. Presently Owens is at a median rank in league receivers, a better ranking than Bratton has. He has had 29 receptions for 401 yards and 2TDs. Bratton has 25 receiptions at 281 yards with 1TD. Owen’s longest gain is 63 yards to Bratton’s 41 yards. Swap Owens for Bratton at present and you would increase the teams receiving production and, I am certain the Als would have gotten Owens for less money than Bratton is making now. We are looking at production and with Owens we would have filled two positions for the price of one,Bratton. Most important, Owens is a big play man- looking for a long bomb and, I would look first at Owens. Popp and Co. missed this draw and the result is that, at this moment, we do not have in place Taylor’s position- at around the mid point of the season. I hope Vann comes through too, but at this moment it is just a hope. We know what Owens would have given us!

Useless to compare Bratton as fourth receiver to Owens as the no. 2 receiver behind Copeland and the no. 1 receiver while Cope was injured. You can't just transplant stats from one team to another and assume that Owens would have those stats as an Al. Our offense is different from Toronto's with many receivers getting catches and Anthony / Adrian spreading the ball around because we have the depth.

I'm not saying Owens isn't a talent. But I find the post-facto criticism too idealistic. You need to look at the total context before you judge Popp on the trade, not just raw stats after the fact.

Qui aurait pu prédire en juin ce qu'Owens allait donner cette année? Je n'ai vu personne ici en parler.

J'aurais cru qu'on l'aurait gardé pour les retours de bottés suite à la perte de Taylor, mais d'autres considérations (dont des considérations salariales, il semblerait) ont fait que Maypray a hérité du poste.

Je crois que la chimie qui a bien fonctionné en match pré-saison entre Leak et Maypray a incité les Alouettes à le garder.

Maypray n'a pas mal fait, mais il n'a pas bien fait non plus. Il lui manque un peu d'étincelle dans les pistons. Pour performer aux retours de bottés, il faut avoir la capacité d'exploser instantanément vers la pleine vitesse, ce que Maypray ne semble pas posséder.

Pour ce qui est des critiques au sujet de Bratton, on peut dire qu'il a eu un début de saison difficile, comme à peu près tous les receveurs des Alouettes cette année. Par contre, par la suite, il a assez bien fait, surtout sur ses jeux renversés. Sa commotion cérébrale semble l'avoir affectée et je trouve qu'on l'a ramené au jeu un peu trop rapidement. Maintenant, Bratton nous a montré l'an dernier qu'il peut élever son niveau de jeu lorsque l'enjeu augmente. C'est là une qualité que tous les joueurs n'ont pas, et qui pourrait permettre à Bratton de se faire valoir de nouveau.

The Alouettes...hell every team on earth has done it and will continue to. This league is sprinkled with ex-Alouettes talent who've been cut or have left for whatever reason. Trading a player to make room for one of greater talent is always accepted in the locker room...and whatever emotional "stingers" that ensue are quickly healed after the first spectacular return for a touchdown. Nature of the game.

All this is moot. Onwards and upwards. Leroy Vann plays his first game tomorrow.
With any luck (and some decent blocking) it'll be "Chad Who-wens?"

And it'll be Chad Owens who'll be longing for a team where 90% of his runbacks aren't called back on holding and illegal blocking calls...if he isn't already.

Just checking the stats:

Maypray is 9th in the league on punt returns, with an 8.5 yard average.
He's 6th on kickoff returns with an average of 23.5 yards.
And he's second on missed fieldgoal returns with a 73.0 yard average.

Of course stats can be a little misleading.
Of the kickoff returners with more than 10 attempts...Maypray is actually 3rd
Diamond Ferri leads the league on kickoff returns...36.3 yards per...but has only returned 4 so.... :roll: