Chad Owens the Beinning

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Owens career game in the Arena League before the change over.

Can not seem to get a link to work.

Google or Yahoo search: The Chad Owens Show - YouTube

which inning is the be-inning??? would that be the second one?? :stuck_out_tongue:

on Yahoo search type in the The Chad Owens Show and it is the first

7 minute Highlight of a Colorado Crush game 10 catches for 132 yards and 4 TDs and 10 Kick returns for 228 yards and a TD. It was his 8th pro football game with the crush

You've missed his joke. You misspelled "beginning" in your thread title.

LOL. I know what a dope I can be sometimes. When I stumbled upon the Video I thought it was so cool that I did not even bother to check. Duh. It did not help that for some reason that the Link would not work for some reason.

You need to make sure the entire URL is in the hyperlink or it won't work. In your post there is a red line under part of the URL which means the entire URL wasn't included. Make sure the entire URL is between the code as shown here:

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10 catches 132 yards 4 TDs

10 KR 228 yards 1 TD

8th pro game Colorado Crush Arena Football League