Chad Owens signs with the riders

According to today's Toronto Star...

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He didn't stay long in the Hammer....

Played well for us when he played. I wonder if he has hit the point in his career where his body can no longer take the pounding of practices and games? Foot injuries have to be tough when your main asset is speed rather than size?

Good on him for turning his back on the Argos. All the best in Riderville!

Too bad about Chad...
I would have liked to see him "recover from his injury" and stay in Hamilton.
He gave 110% when he played and was a 1st class-act...
All the best to him. :thup:

He made at least two super hero level plays for Hamilton. The TD catch in Toronto, and I believe the 2 point convert catch was in the Peg.

People who can make even one play of those levels are worth having on your team. His heart for the game in undeniable. It's because he puts his whole being on the line to make plays that he gets hurt, and certainly not because he's soft.

I will miss him in a Ticat uniform.

This move is ridiculous !!! :x :x He still has a lot to give. He absorbed the Ti-cat philosophy 100% & gave his all in a game. :thdn:

I agree.

I hated Owens as an Argo (go figure!) but was a great player, team mate and ambassador for the Cats.
I think if the money he signed for in Riderville was not likely on here. Sound like he's gone from Vet max $ to not only a signing bonus plus two years at much more money than Austin thought he was worth.
It's too bad because it think he is a game changer. Incredible athlete and even more impressive at his size in a game of big men.
I wish him well except when we play them :lol:

Did they move him out and his contract to make room for Sinkfield and his money??

I'm disappointed with this move as well. He was definitely a threat on the field despite his size. Having him and Banks gave a lot of speed and agility when needed. Its a shame he gets to bring that to another team. One full season with him could have made all the difference.

Hope the Riders appreciate what they have.

He has one career 1000 yard season and has only played 18 games once. A couple seasons of 12 or so games for close to 1000... But we tried to go all in last year and it backfired. We aren't moving forward with Chad Owens.

An Owens update from Regina:

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He finished the year with the Ticats on the 6 game injured and moves to the 6 game injured with the Riders.

I was one of those skeptical when he was signed last season. Yet, he went on to make an important contribution here when healthy.

It's unfortunate that he remains on the injured list even after moving on.

I hope he gets back to the playing field in short order.

Chad, thank you for all you did in Hamilton.

I wish you well for the future.

So basically he’s on the unofficial 12 game injured list or the equivalent of if you like the 2/3rds of a season injury list spread out over the last part of 2016 and the first part of 2017 . It sounds like our good friend Corky went out and bought and paid for some damaged goods when he went out and signed Owens in FA … gee ,that’s a shame , it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy than Jones :stuck_out_tongue: .

Wasn't also foot problem here last year?

Yes, hence the second paragraph of Dunk's update linked a few posts back:

The 35-year-old is dealing with [u]lingering effects from a broken foot suffered last season[/u] while playing for the Ticats. Owens has reportedly not practised with the Riders since the team’s mock game on June 5.

He probably should've signed Fantuz too in FA.............. :oops: