Chad Owens signs for MMA fight

The Argos are likely none too pleased with this endeavor..

[u]The Globe and Mail[/u] Some Canadian Football League players spend their off-season working out or working at regular jobs. Not Chad Owens, the league’s 2012 Most Outstanding Player.

Instead of selling houses or trading stocks, the Toronto Argonauts ace receiver/return specialist is looking to climb into the octagon and trade punches, mixed martial arts-style. Owens has told Hawaiian media he is training for an April 6 event in Honolulu and is looking forward to a challenge that “has changed my whole level of hunger."

If this all sounds a little dangerous, it should. Owens makes his living catching footballs with his hands, the same hands he will be “unleashing? on his opponent, fellow MMA rookie Junya Tevaga. The Argonauts said Wednesday they are aware of Owens’ MMA intentions adding, “There is nothing in Chad’s contract that precludes him from participating in extreme activities. (This is typical of CFL contracts.)?

“It's kind of like football, right?? said the Hawaiian-born Owens. “You go to training camp and you practice, practice, practice. You can't wait until you get to that game so you can hit somebody else. I've been training, training, training, and training and that fight night, that's that game. I'll be able to just let my hands go until someone stops me or until I can't throw no more."

The Argos are counting on a happy outcome.

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He's fighting at Welterweight so that means he will weight 171 pounds on fight night, that's a 15 to 20 pound weight cut. Barring injury it will be interesting to see how it impacts his season good or bad.

I'm happy for Chad. I'm glad he using the off season to do something productive, something he loves and something that keeps him in shape. MMA is much safer than football. He won't have to worry about getting hit by someone who has 100 pounds on him. He'll be in there with someone who is his size.

Some players sit around in the off season and do nothing but complain about thier contracts and vent on Twitter. Some players get themselves in trouble by using drugs, hanging with gang-bangers, ect. Good on Chad for do something he loves that will keep him in great shape for the upcoming season.

The Argos will undoubtedly be concerned about possible injury as MMA fights are a full contact combat sport, incorporating punching, striking, kicking, elbowing, takedowns, throws etc etc etc.

It would be a shame if he were to be placed on the IR list to start the season.

Hopefully Chad comes out of the fight with little to no damage, and tears up the field once again this year.

here's what Kirk Penton (Toronto Sun) had to say on the matter...

[b]The Argos can’t be happy about the league’s reigning most outstanding player stepping into the octagon or wherever it is he will fight, but there’s nothing they can do about it. CFL teams aren’t paying their players millions, so they can’t stop them from doing dangerous acts away from the football field.

On the other hand, if Owens gets hurt badly enough the Argos can simply cut him without penalty since he would have suffered a non-football injury. Owens obviously doesn’t see a problem with his off-season project.

It’s not a knockout Owens and the Argonauts need to worry about when he fights Junya Tevaga. It’s the awkwardly twisted limbs or separated shoulder that could cause a problem and force him to miss time with the Argos.

If this were a backup special teamer, it would be one thing, but this is last year’s leading receiver and one of the most dangerous return men in the league. Sure, football is dangerous, but the point of the sport is to score more points than the other team. The point of MMA is to knock out or submit your opponent using any one of a variety of ways that can do serious damage.

If I’m one of the CFL’s other seven teams, I’m cheering hard for Tevaga.

If Owens gets hurt, he will have no one to blame but himself.[/b]

Hopefully with the new TV deal and increased money, players will be more likely to stick with being football players. :wink:
In fact the GM's are discussing this very issue in Toronto right now. Every other major league has standard clauses like that in their contracts and its long overdue for the CFL to do the same.

Let's just hope the league and the union can agree on the split. It does nothing for the league if most of the money goes to salaries.

Not comparing the two but Adam Braidwood went this route as well. I would not be happy if I were an argo fan.

When the salary cap was put in it was a much needed very low cap at the time. With the popularity of the CFL shooting through the roof over the past 5 seasons with TSN exclusive rights not only will the TV revenue be going up but also profit sharing of League corporate sponsors as well as Official CFL merchandise the cap will be elevated so that MOPs and other top All star players will be able to be paid enough so that there will be no need for them to enter into other such offseason jobs. No Doubt that Owens will make a nice purse for this bout so it is kind of hard for the CFL to say no until the pay is on the level of a players play on the field.
This is a huge sport in Canada and other CFL players may see this as an option especially those that are very popular.

he is pretty intense and from what I have heard should fair well or at least be competitive. If he looks good in the fight it will be interesting to see if he plays football more than another season, as MMA can be pretty profitable.

Takes years to become a world class Martial Artist and there is probably 50 guys in the sport worldwide who make in MMA what Owens makes in the CFL and they have to pay for their coach, gym fees, travel, Medical Insurance. Owens is 30 years old. I think he's not too smart fighting but quitting football to start an MMA career at 30 would be the dumbest thing he could do. Young Justin Mein out of Southern Alberta is 23 and has 35 pro fights to his record and considered one of the most promising young fighters in the sport made $6000.00 to fight at UFC158 in Montreal last week they doubled it to 12k with his win bonus! Thats on a UFC PPV event...

The video I saw. He was grappling in runners against a guy who was barefoot, never seen that before and his punching session with Penn his jab is too tight and does not fully extend and he throws his straight and cross punches from the elbow (has no range). He has a long way to go before he could make it in that business. Only plus I can see for him is that he could live on the Island and that might be important to him and his family. Hawaians are like our Newfies. No matter how bad it is for them to go back from a financial perspective, they just want to go home :cry:

He will not be quiting footbsll for thidbut until there id s csp increae that can pay an MVP MVP wages he will need to use his popular name to make money in such off season popular event.

[b][u]Argos: Owens "making a bad decision" by fighting in MMA event[/u][/b] The Globe and Mail

[b]the Argos aren’t exactly thrilled that one of their top players is participating in such a potentially dangerous off-season activity.

“I think he’s making a bad decision, our organization thinks he’s making a bad decision,? Argos general manager Jim Barker said. “But we don’t have control of what players choose to do and not do in the off-season.

“We do trust Chad, he’s been in the best shape of any athlete in this league for the last three years and, again, we trust that. We think he made a bad decision on doing this but, again, we trust he’ll come in great shape and be ready to play.?

Barker said Owens has talked to the Argos and is aware of their of their concerns.[/b]

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If I was Barker I’d instruct the teams’ physician to look Owens over with a microscope, MRI and every test at their disposal before allowing him to camp…

Chad Owens won his MMA debut fight. He did not suffer any injuries.

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not only no injuries...he basically dominated the fight...he looked pretty good ovverall.