Chad Owens released

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Monday the following players have been released:
NAT – LB – Dillon Grondin
INT – WR/KR – Chad Owens
INT – DB – Robert Porter Jr.
INT – WR/KR – Shakeir Ryan

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2m2 minutes ago
We've announced some player transactions today as our practice roster expansion window has come to a close.

I guess no real surprises, although I thought Ryan looked pretty good in the Calgary game. Not noticably better than Addison, I suppose?

I assume Owens will stick around until healthy and try again.

I bet we see Ryan back here next year, if he’s still available.

Why Shakeir Ryan?

2 weeks ago Jones said Ryan refused to alter how he carried the ball at practice.
Ticking off a personality like Jones to the point of benching and release says a whole lot more about Ryan than Jones

He fumbled a return and it cost 6 points, rookie KR’s are not allowed to fumble, Its bad form.

Fumbles dont cost jobs around here.
Job was his. Jones will overlook a lot of mistakes of course but he appears to draw the line at a player refusing to be coached.

That is sad to hear about Ryan. The kid has speed to spare but he might need to mature a little in his attitude if he is not listening to the coaches. Hopefully we see him here again.

The TiCats had to reduce the Practice roster which was expanded for a short period of time until today to make room for the NFL cuts.
Owens is still injured for this bye week, Could he be magically recuperated in a couple of weeks and re - sign with us in time for the playoff run? :wink:

My thoughts exactly. Especially if Tolliver is still injured. Perhaps they might promote McDaniel from the PR first if TT is still hurt after the bye week though. This would open up a PR spot for the Flyin’ Hawaiian.


If one player comes off of the PR another can be added. (Is that the answer to your question, or, were you asking something else?)

Thanks for your response MFTH, but I was actually wondering why the Cats would want to bring Owens back. I think his injuries have caught up with him, and he would be a risk to finish, if played as a starter. Also, if our cap space is so tight as to bump the #3 QB to the PR, I don’t see the cost/benefit of re-signing Owens as being positive.

I guess it all depends on how seriously his foot was damaged when he rolled on it. We don't know of course, but, if it is something that he can and will recover from, he might be worth a look. After all the team thought so when they signed him to the PR in the first place. :wink: