Chad Owens new career in MMA

Great News

The Blew teams star player has decided to embark on a Mixed Martial Arts career in Honolulu. This could be a disastrous career decision for such a young talented player with exceptional promise in this league. Owens is slated to fight April 6, 2013 and may recover in time for the start of the CFL season. Wish him all the best with this new career direction.

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In terms of things the reverse is more probable that football being more dangerous to his MMA career. As person who has particapated in both sports there is far more serious injuries and career ending ones at that in football then MMA.

I can see your point. Battling in the MMA, you would have one other person to watch out and compete against at a given time. In football, there are 12 opponents that could take you out on any given play. Even one of your own teammates could accidentally fall into you or hit you as well. That's a lot to protect yourself against. Then again, playing professional football, you have high quality equipment to assist you in defending yourself. Whereas, in the MMA, you have a pair of gloves. That's it.

All things considered, I'd rather play couch potato. There, all I would need to qualify is beer and munchies. Only the wife and kids could sideline my game!!!

If he gets injured playing ball he gets paid. He gets injured fighting on a local card, he will have to look at his wife and kids will eat hot dogs and kraft dinner.

NFL safety Tom Zibikowski is also a pro boxer, and neither Notre Dame or Baltimore (not sure about Indy but I'd assume not) ever had an issue with it. He is also known for first round KO wins which helps :lol:

It is a great way to stay in shape during the off-season. Pretty cool IMO.

Toronto Argonauts not thrilled about Chad Owens’ MMA debut

“I think he’s making a bad decision, our organization thinks he’s making a bad decision,? Argos general manager Jim Barker said. “But we don’t have control of what players choose to do and not do in the off-season.
Our guy (CW) may be a holdout, but at least he's not a dufus.

I sort of agree with you. Way more risk for head/neck/spine injury in football. Low blocks to shin/knee are a huge risk in football. I think the biggest risk for a football player in MMA is getting his knee destroyed by a heel hook, with part of the danger being that a) people often don't expect them and b) many people underestimate how much damage a heel hook can do and how fast it does it, so they may not tap early enough. A quick and well executed heel hook could screw a football player's career in the blink of an eye.

Yawn :expressionless: I don't really care.

Thanks for logging in to share that with us, cool guy.

Yawn :expressionless: I don't really care.

I don't think we'll be seeing Chad or the guy he's fighting, trying to pull off any heel hooks. Heel hooks, even for a seasoned black belt in BJJ are really tough to pull off. It's Chad first fight and it's also his opponents first fight. They'll probably just stand and trade punches. Maybe a couple take downs.

Argos' Chad Owens wins MMA amateur debut!!


CFL star Chad Owens made his mixed martial arts debut a winning one.
The Toronto Argonauts receiver/kick returner earned a unanimous decision against Junyah Tefaga in Honolulu on Saturday night. The two fought as amateurs and battled through two three-minute rounds in their MMA debuts.
The five-foot-eight, 180-pound Owens, the CFL's outstanding player last season, fought in the 170-pound class and went by the nickname of Mighty Mouse.
Last month, Argos general manager Jim Barker didn't mince words about not being thrilled that one of the club's top players was participating in such a potentially dangerous off-season activity.
There was no indication that Owens was injured in the bout and afterwards the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Owens as saying he'll be in training camp on time with the Argos in June.

Pleased to hear that Owens won his bout and escaped any serious injuries.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of a Hamilton man who died during his debut in an MMA fight this past Saturday.
How tragic.
Sincere condolences to his family/friends.

[b]Hamilton MMA Fighter Dies

All Felix Pablo Elochukwu wanted was a shot to represent Canada in the UFC.

So, the 35-year-old mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter from Hamilton packed a bag and headed to Port Huron, Mich., for his amateur debut on Saturday.

Tragically, his first match would be his last.

The Nigerian-born athlete died after the third round when the fight was stopped because he was unable to defend himself from his opponent.
Paramedics couldn’t revive him and he was taken to hospital. It’s not clear whether he died in the ambulance or at the health centre.

“He was very optimistic. He thought this was going to be his breakthrough match and he would move up to the next level. He wanted to fight for Canada.?[/b]

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Highlites of the fight.....

Who Cares, Chad Owens is an Argo, the Double Blue will be Black and Blue after this season of facing the Ti-Cats!!!!