Chad Owens makes Canada permanent home

[u]Chad Owens makes full-time move to Canada[/u]

[b]- Chad Owens is trading in his beach shorts and tank top for gloves and a parka.

The Toronto Argonauts star receiver/kick-returner has moved his family to Canada full-time.
The 32-year-old native of Honolulu recently purchased a home in Mississauga, Ont., and is scheduled to take possession late next week.

"We've actually been thinking about it the last three years, but three years ago the kids were that much younger and always wanted to go back home and see their family and cousins," Owens said Thursday. "At the end of this past season we talked a lot about it again and the kids this time said they wanted to stay because they have friends here and like their school, which was confirmation that it was time."

"Football is my life," he said. "I want to be fully surrounded by this community and so does my family.

"I want to have an off-season where I'm able to do those things, to get out there and promote the team and be in the schools and community as much as I can because during the season it's all about football."[/b]

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I got. Confused and thought of Chad

Good to hear. American players making their home here was something which was far more common in the past. The Eskimos were particularly adept at getting their imports to make their homes there.

Nice to hear! Of course still want to beat his a.... every time we play agains't him. :wink: And I'm sure he wouldn't want it any other way, a true competitor all the way.

With the current SMS system, there is very little reason for import players to consider the move..Despite everything that Owens has done for the Argos... There is a very good possibility that this will be his last season. Players are cut because they make too much money and are basicly treated like dog meat.. MOP one season.. Gone a couple of years later... Rookie of the year, gone two seasons later... I could sit here all day and throw out names like Bashir Levengston, and Josh Ranek, Corey Holmes, that were all-stars and then gone in a flash.. If Owens was smart.. He would consentrate on his mma career in the off season.. The CFL will likely spit him out because he will be 33 this season and earns a decent salary


See - Burris, Henry (39); McCallum, Paul (45); and Stegall, Milt for reference.

and in the case of Stegall, he was a league all-star for 7 consecutive years, including the year before he retired at the age of 38.

Owens is not even close to the twilight of his career.

I hope you are right...but he will probably end up getting the Jamal Richardson treatment if he gets injured. He will get cut and then some other team will take a flyer on him at 70k/year, but will get cut in camp next season... The way these guys are treated is disgusting. Its brutal in the NFL too, but they at least make money... The guys in the CFL should at least have their two year contracts honored if they can get three years in before they have a serious injury. Of course that would just cause teams to cut players before they get three years experience

For the most part though, the end of their careers and the implementation of the SMS barely overlap. Team smay have had to adjust at the time when the SMS came in, but they're familiar with it now.

There may have been a significant dropoff in production too. There certainly was for Ranek, anyway.

Owens is like the modern day version of Pinball. Who knows if he will finish off his career entirely with the Argos or how long his career will hold up, but he's been the most recognizable face of the franchise over the last 5 years or so. He's also putting up large numbers of combined receiving and return yards that put him on a HOF pace . Those comparables like Holmes and Levingston above can be said for for a lot of football players north and south of the border. Owens is less one dimensional than Levingston who was primarily a returner, and while Holmes did rush the ball a bit as a RB, he wasn't a full time feature RB and made a name for himself as a returner. Ownes has worked hard to develop into a receiver in addition to being a returner, and has integrated himself into the community. Even if his career is derailed by injuries and they cut him loose like Richardson, I think he'll have some role with the Argos in the future, as long as there is a franchise.

It's a smart decision overall to move full time to TO. Going back and forth between two homes is challenging to family life and costly, and with school aged children it's easier for them to stay focused in one location. Not a lot of players do it but there are always a couple here in Winnipeg that stick around in the offseason to work out and work as personal trainers or get off season jobs in some capacity.

Even more so with drop in our current. Good for him.


Love 'em, and hate 'em.

Love the kinda player he is, attitude, sportsmanship, an all that. Hate 'em when he burns my tabbies!!!

anyone remember the play a couple years ago he had a sure TD, and chip cox somehow caught him in the open field as the last man and brought Owens down to stop the major? Owens jumped up after the tackle and hugged Chip to congratulate him on a huge play.

Well its got to the point where I look at the bombers roster and only recognize a dozen names and I watch 80-90 percent of their games. I would never waste my money on a current named jersey. Its like throwing your money in the toilet... There are literally a hand full of Bombers who are currently on the roster that have been there for even 3 years.

Ok... I lied... I just scoured the Bombers roster and I definately recognize about 20 names...another 5 sound familar , but I'm not positive...

Maybe it's your memory that sucks? :wink:

Seriously, I don't do jerseys either. I look lik ehell in them anyway, and yeah, they tend to get outdated fair too quickly. Hell, in my case, never mind the player leaving, the team does!

A lot more oppuritunities for popular and longer career players that can be spun from networking using their CFL celebrity. Owens has hit that longevity point to go along with his MOP, All Star, and other accolades.
Intersting he chose Mississiuaga in where to settle down. Chad Sr was a pretty good HS basketball players as well. Chad Jr could benefit from the basketball machine in and around Peel Region and GTA. Lets see if Chad SR and JR become regulars at MISS Power and Brampton A's basketball games. HA

Honolulu Toronto. Honolulu Toronto. Honolulu Toronto

I dunno...tough choice

Well considering that Hawaii is basicly the American version of Vancouver and it could be an easy decision for affordability… The US government has not protected Hawaians at all and now it is almost an impossible situation there if you ever want to raise a family… Foreign investment has put prices through the roof and wages are some of the lowest in the country… Exactly like Vancouver. … ation.html

Hard to say if he will be like James Murphy and stay forever... Or be like Don't Mathews who actually got Canadian citizenship only to move back to the states shortly after

LOL, Priceless. :lol: :thup:

My dad got a buck pierce jersey during Greg Cup week... Its been gathering dust ever since...Not that I think Pierce should of continued to see play, but football is one brutal sport.. Wally Buono (as much as I despise him)uncovered all these jem quarterbacks from Dickens on, to pierce, and Lulay and they have all bad their careers cut short by injury.. Printers demise was two fold, but injuries had a huge part in it