YIKES! Can we learn to "love" Chad like we did Arlan Bruce III?

if he puts up good numbers of course we will forget he came from the arhols..

As I said in The Scratching Post ... CO2 has done a reverse Mike O'Shea on us. Learning to cheer for him will be difficult. Too much booing in the past to overcome, perhaps.



This guy offers nothing over Bakari, who was a fan favorite. You got Austin here ditching well loved vets for villains. Owens has no love for the Cats and signed here so he doesn't have to uproot his family. That is all.

What wrong with that so he a mercenary for 1 year
if it brings a grey cup to Hamilton why do people care

Grant & Chad had problems with Injuries what player has not
Speed wise Chad is a huge upgrade over Grant
Think of him a sinkfield Replacement not a Grant Replacement

Grant was replace by tollver

I fell like im stalking you in each thread lol

technically since BG is gone, Owens wins by default

Grant didn't have problems with injuries?

Funny because you're the guy that's always posted on here that the Cats are not vet friendly.

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion

They where not IMO but it is a new year maybe that changed

and willing give them a chance to prove that point .

No problems with them, just had them a lot LOL.
Played 10 games last season after a blistering start with ZC.

Hopefully Owens fumbles like 3 times in the opening game. Then we can cut him and gain our integrity back. After that the Cats will win out for a 17-1 record. :twisted:

Please I don’t care who He play for or What he’s done in the past

Let the past be DAMED!!!

Once he’s signed He’s a Cat Like it or not

All anyfan should care about is wins and losses

I don’t mind a Hired GUN

if he helps win a grey cup in Toronto at the end of the year.

You might be on to something. Damn, now I wish that Mike O'Shea was available also. Might be an upgrade over Orlondo or somebody.

Welcome to Tigertown! Have fun, make plays, win a Grey cup and shut up your detractors. :wink:

8) WOW, you really are pathetic !!! The Cats don't need so called fans like you , that's for sure !!! :oops:

I've given them cash for 35 years. You know nothing about me or emotional investment in your team, which involves hating rivals.

Hating the Argos is fine but once they sign here they not a Argo anymore

Wow never saw this one coming ! If he can stay healthy , then our special teams will be truly special speedy welcomes with open arms!!! Turn on the afterburners!

I guess everyone hated Bruce, Medlock, Collaros, Sinkfield,....

Yes, it's going to be weird cheering for Owens, after jeering him for so long. I'll be cheering for the uniform more than the player for a while, at least until he proves that he's gotten better at hanging onto the ball.

And you're right - Owens is the replacement for Sinkfield, not for Grant.