Chad Owens Arrested

  1. According to 3rd down nation, TSN and CTV news, former TiCat and Argo, Chad Owens has been
    arrested by Peel Regional police and charged with assault !!

No other details have been released as of yet. He is going to appear in court today for a bail

Roid Rage. !!

Inappropriate comment considering nothing has been proven in court. I met the guy numerous times and he is a fierce competitor with a no quit attitude. Lets wait until we hear the whole story before you pass judgement.

Does sound like rage was involved

Fit of

yes, will wait for details…

Apparently it was some sort of domestic dispute involving an assault on a female .

here is an update from 3DN

It would have been more severe, but after the initial assault, he turned his ankle.

Disclaimer: No one should joke about domestic assault! The above comment is in poor taste, and cowardly as well since the author is hiding behind an anonymous internet identity. In his defence, he was actually making fun of the accused, and not the victim nor the act of assault itself. And let’s not forget, the accused is … well, accused of domestic assault! Do we really need to be so concerned about hurting his feelings? If so, then maybe we, as a society, should not name people publicly until they are actually convicted of a crime. That’s right, this disclaimer has pivoted to blaming society as a way to deflect attention from the tasteless and inappropriate comment made above. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

Haha turned his ankle hahaha cause hes always getting hurt haha I love it.

  1. Who are you referring to in your comment, “You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves” ?? :-[ :-[

Are you including me in that comment ??

If you are, you sure don’t know how to read what I wrote, and if anyone should be ashamed, it’s
you for false accusations !!!


So if someone wants to sign him now the commissioner will have to meet with him, lay out special circumstances in which he can sign with a team and should he even roll through a stop sign he’s out of the league for good…right?

I think his before date has long gone