Chad Owens All-Purpose Yards in 2013

so, we have 1 game in the books.
Owens has 95 receiving yards and 140 return yards. that's a combined 235 yards.
235 yards for game one, he's on pace for 4230 yards this year.
i know it's very early.
we'll see if he can keep it up over the next 17 games.

With Owens emerging as the Argos primary receiver continuing to do all of the return duties at 30 years old along with playing the slot with the running start on each play will open up the risk of him wearing down and become much more open to injuries.
The pushed through last season and he got the All Purpose record which was huge news and great for the Argos and the CFL. Pushing him to amass 4,000 all purpose yards looking to be the goal may be pushing there luck two seasons in a row. Serving one duty of the return game I say yes and punt returner would be the best with a lot more chance to break off big runs.
The Argos have a variety of players who can do as well if not better at returning Kick Offs so they should let these guys do it.

If Owens keeps getting pounded by tackles the way he has the last couple of games he won't be leading any stat's list, nevermind all-purpose. As good as he as at returns I could see the team backing him off ST duties to keep him fresh (and in one piece) as a receiver.

I agree I thought that this would be the year that they would do it he got the record last year and parlayed it into the MOP. If they or he is looking for a 4,000 all purpose yard season they probably are pressing there luck. If he does happen to get through this season uscaved it could possibly shave some seasons off of his career.
It would be fine to leave him at one duty as punt returner as for kick offs they have a whole lot of potential KO return guys, starting with the current pack up receiver they have now and with waters out replacing him on the 42 with a back up import RB for now could also be up for the task as well as working him into the game at RB. Kackert is another one who takes a licking out there in this one RB do it all scheme with no back up even dressin and having your second leading receiver from a year ago being the emegency in game back up to Kackert