Chad Owens added to Ti-Cats PR

Again ! Interesting move ! June’s Hawaii connection

Owens was also productive in the Ticat offence under Kent Austin, so he should be a quick study on any concepts or plays held over from that era.

It will be interesting to see which one of the two get promoted onto the active roster first . That is if they don't both get activated at the same time . You gotta admit that a receiving corp of Tasker , Banks , Toliver , Jones , McDaniel and Owens looks pretty good on paper to say the least .

Let him take back K/Ps .Even at 36 there would be no discernable difference. Might even be better.

Why do I get the funny feeling that receiver Bralon Addison won’t be dressing for the next game?

When auditioning for a gig ...sometimes slow, cool and casual isn't the way to go.

Yep, slow, cool and casual pretty well sums it up. Nice observation Dork.

Thought it a ploy to lull defenders then rip through a lane. After awhile it was nope, that's all you get with this guy.

and he is out with injury…………………………….that didn’t take long

Or not.

oh no. foot injury is what caused him to miss all but 3 games last season.

I think Steve Stapler might be a better fit for the June Jones offence. Or maybe Keith Baker. ;D

OUCH !!! So does this mean that Chris Williams can get his old jersey back ? :o

I think that Rufus Crawford would fit JJ’s offence better. Perhaps Garney…

Jones would have been all over John Holland.

Not Garney. Way too tall.

The FlyinHiawiian returns, first McDaniel, now Owens this like a Ti-Cat reunion?? If healthy both players could still light up the turf and add strength to the June Jones offence.

Always liked bothreceivers as Tiger-Cats and Owens gives the Cats another great return option on kickoffs or punts.


8)Or Wally Zatylny, another perfect fit, or even a David Quehl !!


Seriously, the team needs to stop with these “has been” retreads. Most of these senior citizens won’t make it for more than a few games.
Give a young guy a chance, there must be someone in the hopper; who can be developed with playing time.

I believe Mike Jones will pay dividends, cause we stuck with him. JM has to target him more.

I agree. Owens may have a few plays per game left in the tank, but I don't see him as a regular contributor any longer. Hate to see a roster and international spot used up on adding him to the game day roster.