Chad Owens added to Ti-Cats PR

Owens added to Ti-Cats PR …

Great Receiver when healthy!!

Another Hiawiian connection!

He might just last half a season.

I hope this doesn’t mean that Speedy’s injury is more than he suggested it was.
Interesting that Owens has been issued his usual #2, which was parked on the Injured List with Chris Williams who’s now shown with the #14 which Kincade had, while on the PR for past couple of weeks.

Even if Speedy is OK, this move to shore up our veteran receiving depth is another sign about how serious this team is about trying for all the marbles this year. Even at his age, Owens is still a speed guy, and with Williams out for the year, it doesn't hurt to add another guy known for his ability to stretch the field.

  1. I love it :smiley: Great move by the Cats, all we need him for is half a season !!

Chad was waiting for the call !! He’s in great shape still !! Good luck buddy :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m hoping they save Chad Owens for the Playoffs & Grey Cup …ya I said it.

Yess haha thats perfect

Hey, maybe this means there is a chance that Rocky DiPietro will get signed to the PR…

I was surprised nobody mentioned him as a possible replacement in that other thread. I thought he’d be a good fit to replace Williams since they’re similar speedy guys who also do returns.

I also personally liked Owens while he was here. Welcome back Chad! Oskee wee wee!

Rocky, Owens, McDaniel, Williams


lol. It could be another record for this club with the signing of Owens . The first team to ever have 3 different players wear the same number in one season . :DOwens , Williams and that other guy whose name escapes me at the moment ;).

I’m thinking we now have the most experienced corps of receivers in the league (assuming practice roster counts).

Probably the highest career punt/kick return yardage too (assuming PR and injured list both count).


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Chad Owens played all of his University football in Hawaii under June Jones(2001-2004)

He had a pretty good career there under June Jones offence

Career yardage leader with 5,461 all purpose yards

3031 receiving yards

Tatupu award for special teams player in 2004

Oh and by the way

His QB at Hawaii was Timmy Chang!

Wouldn’t hurt to have a look. A-type personality, hates to lose, no doubt still in insane shape.
Prompts the question how far behind the curve are the recs on the practice roster if Jones and a Tillman are doing this ?

Glad they are addressing the need at reciver. I’m liking the additions of Marquay and Chad!!

If someone compiled a tape of the five most spectacular catches by Ticat receivers over the past three years, I’m thinking Owens is on there a couple of times.