Chad Owens - 2010 Special Teams POY

Owens basically locked up that awards this weekend with his BIG missed field goal run back. With only 2 games to go, I don’t see anyone being able to take it from him. Thata boy Chad! He’s added so much excitement this year for the Argos. I hope he sticks around.

I miss Chad!!!! Lots of Montreal fans do. And Larry Taylor is not the "end-all-be-all" that so many think he is. Releasing CO was just one of many mistakes Montreal has made. Stay put CO!!!!!! I think you are appreciated where you are.

Larry Taylor will help the Als as he has in past years- his weakness is the fumble causing the coach to put Bratton in LT's place in the Grey Cup this year. Chad Owens is providing excitement this year although Popp's cheap attempt with him earlier this year puts a negative fact into Popp's role as a evaluater of talent. I guess we can forgive Popp and, if LT can stop the fumbles, we'll just have to move on. Popp has earned his role of talent evaluation but, I do hope he corrects the negativity of trying to " screw " available talent.